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Journal FortKnox's Journal: UAT aka Utter Boredom 3

UAT (User Acceptance Testing) is going on. Has been happening all week. I'm pretty thorough in my coding, so the few bugs that they find in the primary testing is all clean by the time the users get them. Now I have to sit and wait for them to finish. No bugs, yet.
So I'm working on the next phase of development that will go in with the first patch to my system (which will, most likely, be when the other group fixes their bugs). I'm already done with my portion of this code.
I'm not contracted into the following portion, nor will I be. They are doing some cost cutting at this assignment (which is alright with me, I have another job/assignment almost lined up for when I leave, and it will be supercomplex and tough. My fav... that'll keep me busy and add on the skills for my resume).

So, basically, I'm sitting here, catching up on journals. Bored off my gourd, unable to get into IRC or anything. Anyone have a good story to read or something? Maybe I'll d/l the tutorial from borland about making SWING apps with their builder...
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UAT aka Utter Boredom

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  • I'm at the client and they have no friggin work for me. Great eh? See, I have to wait for the specifications. Apart from writing a few emails to bother people, that's all I can do.

    Worse: no internet and no email around here. Well, not really: I'm on the standalone internet PC right now, but I cannot monopolize that one the whole day.
    If at least I had email going to the internet from my work addres. Damned paranoid banks!

  • If that's the tutorial where you make a 'Notepad' clone, it's a nice, gentle intro to Swing.
    I've been re-hashing the Swing and Applet tutorials on Not bad, especially if you really follow all of the threads.
    I'm trying to get a Java Workshop going here. Have buy-in from the CIO, now I'm just trying to get the various group Directors to get on board.
    Wish me luck.

  • We're pretty much in the same phase of the development project I'm on also. I usually have one bug to work on per week. And most bug fixes take about an hour or so to finish.

    It's definately a good idea to take this time for some professional growth. But learn something useful like .Net ;-) How's that for starting a flamewar?

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