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Role Playing (Games)

Journal FortKnox's Journal: Eve 5

First of all, I'm surprised to find that I've been selected to be a beta tester for the MMORPG Sci-fi game Eve. I'll be d/ling it tonight and checking it out this week. I'll give updates and reviews as I play it.
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  • It looks verrry eanterresting... I'll be looking forward to your reviews.
  • I know this is totally OT, but when did /. get these cool new icons? That totally rocks. Oh, and have fun with the game ^_^
    • Hey, we need an update on why we haven't seen the infamous bewbs yet! ;-)
      • Worst. Picture. Ever.

        And I've had some bad pics before, believe you me, but this has set a new low. Actually, this particular person has the distinct honour of taking the second worst pic of me as well, so I should've seen this coming. Also, I have yet to get permission from the guy in the pic with me to have it available for all of /. to critique. I'm not holding my breath. We both came out looking far less than stellar. Now the story I am sticking with is that I am saving myself for your assault on the
  • AFAIK they haven't lifted the NDA yet (I'm also a tester, in game as "Lyra C'Jay") - be careful! :-)

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