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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Giving up, StarCraft, & Prepping for Joey's B-Day 16

Giving Up
Its my new strategy. If you start arguing over the war, start arguing over religion, start arguing over moderation, etc, you won't see any comments from me. I've been mellow lately, and don't want to get up in arms with an internet argument. I rarely change peoples minds, and putting in my words just gives more ammo. That's why you haven't seen my comments in several JE's lately. (My stance kinda reminds me of the tasteless Arguing on the internet is like running in the special olympics image you see on many internet boards)

For fellow nerdfarm clannies: I have reloaded StarCraft and Broodwars this weekend for something new to play. FYI - I suck at RTS. I usually only play in newbie servers, or X humans vs N computers (where X > N). The 'fk' alias has been taken on battlenet (ever since I played my first game), so I go by the alias 'marotti'. I'd gladly play you if you won't rush me ;-)

Prepping for Joey's B-Day
I guess my Journal has been around for a while, now. Joey will be 1 years old on 5/10. We are planning out a big party, and I'm not sure exactly what I'll get him (but you can bet the family will be getting a package from ThinkGeek. I'm thinking, the "Input Output", "Newbie", and "TCP/IP" onesies). Maybe I'll put up my thinkgeek wishlist and give people the opportunity to get Joey some presents (obviously I'd take MY wishlist items out)?
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Giving up, StarCraft, & Prepping for Joey's B-Day

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  • Want to get the TCP/IP shirt for my niece. Saw that this morning and was just cracking up. I almost look forward to having children so I can scar them with my immense geekdom. My only hope is that they are fascinated with the new video games so I can punish them by making them play the video games of my youth. "That's it, Dr. Livingstons for an hour!"
  • Congrats to you, your wife, and your kid for making it to one year! I don't have any kids, I'm hearing all about them now that everyone I know seems to have or will be having them. Cool stuff.

    I LOVE that Input/Output shirt at Think Geek. I wish they made it in adult sizes, I'd wear it.
  • 1st of all, I'm glad to hear that you are giving up on that kind of stuff, because I was thinking last night & this morning how lame people really are for complaining about things on /. I happen to think that /. is good because it gives me an opportunity to hear how you are doing, how your son is doing, how gmhowell & his family is doing, etc. I don't mind people discussing issues, but they start to get up tight & complain about how they should leave /. It's really quite pathetic. I'm not singl
    • I don't mind people discussing issues, but they start to get up tight & complain about how they should leave /. It's really quite pathetic. I'm not singling anyone out here.

      Really? The fact that you went that far to say that is apreciated. Sometimes things said on /. are not always what they seem [].
      • I must confess, that I am not sure which is the part that isn't what it seems. However, I still stand my ground on saying that I am not singling anyone out here. I've read several comments by other people complaining about /. Show me a person who hasn't complained about /. & really likes /. & I'll show you a person that I am not talking about. As for the rest of the complainers [that includes all of us] there is a portion that gets up tight & wants to leave. It's definitely more than 1 person
  • (At first I read the title of this JE as "Giving up StarCraft & Prepping for Joey's B-Day" - I missed the commas. ;-) )

    I generally avoid arguing about religion, politics, "the" war (or war in general), programming langauges, operating systems, open-source, etc. Not just on the net, but in RL as well. However, sometimes when you have a quiet period at work it can be fun letting yourself get drawn into one of these debates - although it works best when you are arguing with someone who is willing to actua

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