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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Would You Follow? 11

If I was to make a slash-like site (PHPNuke, or even, perhaps, a custom-built J2EE app), but anywho, I was planning on doing the same thing as slash (but probably update it more often, more storied, etc...). The question is, who would read it?
I don't want to spend time and money to hardly get any readers. Another thing is I'd probably start with a dynamic DNS to my cable modem at home on my SuSE box, and ask for donations before going up on a T3 or something. Any interest?? I'll also need help running the site, but don't expect to see IPs, and anonymous would mean anonymous.
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Would You Follow?

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  • When you first brought up making a "splinter" site my reaction was why not just build it inside your journal. That way you wouldn't have to provide any resources. If you wanted people to be able to go to a simple address just setup a redirect into your journal. With some of the more recent revalations about what can be seen and done I can actually see a reason for creating a new site.

    I think your biggest problem is going to be reaching that "critical mass" point where you have enough people reading and submitting to keep the front page interesting etc. There are going to be a lot of people who will just say "Why not slashdot, I don't care if they can see my ip."
  • And help out in an authorial fashion, if you like.
    • Same here. I think it would be nice to see a site that was ran by people who are geeks doing journalism, rather than /. where most of the authors seem to be journalists attempting geek-stuff. *cough* JonKatz *cough*

      We should add a spell check to the submissions page too, though. :-)

  • I'd try to read it. But I'd probably forget, unless there was a link from your .sig or journal entry. At least until it was large enough.
  • ...from the bash everything mentality. I hate the hyperinflated claims of this that and the other thing, or speculative leaders that go nowhere and everybody bitches about how had they read the link it would have made sense. Argh
  • I'd read it. It would be the first to replace my Geekizoid bookmark in my Links toolbar. If you're suggesting implementing anything in particular, I do recommend Slash or any other centralized weblog. I don't particularly like Scoop at all, as it seems to be built upon an outlash about everything that makes Slashdot worth reading (good comments easily visible, numerous front page articles every day, easy demotion of trolls). Plus, I just hate the culture of K5. It's a bunch of college-aged liberals who think they know better than the people in office regarding issues such as taxes and the war effort.

    So, even without knowing what your weblog would focus on, I'd read it. I'm always up for new bookmarks.

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