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Journal FortKnox's Journal: I was fooled 3

I still can't believe it. I got pumped up after reading BBSpot's Daily Mailbag. Believe it or not, the "Peter Jackson" one, I was all excited about. The "Junior Senator" one was semi-believable. The "MS Lawyer" one, is when I shoulda realized it.

Bah, I can't believe I didn't catch on sooner. I'm such a fool. (BTW - I did write to brian to tell him he was a bastard) ;-)
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I was fooled

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  • My mom told me, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all"...
    Or maybe that was Thumper's dad in "Bambi".
    Anyhow, that leaves me speechle... oh, wait, here ya go.

    Nice hair today, Josh. Looking good.

  • I was had also. I almost had a heart attack when I read about gentoo switching to rpms in the gentoo news weekly.

    • that was a good one, we were joking about it all day at the office.

      I had been waiting all day for an April fools joke so as not to be fooled, but sadly that one did catch me off gaurd, sigh...

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