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The Core

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  • I have yet to read a movie review lambast a movie with such clarity and hilarity.

    Thanks for the link.
  • All I read is a scientist taunting a silly film rather than any scientific explainations. Unless the example about the Queen Mary and the firecracker counts.
    • Yeah, I was a bit disappointed, too, but I hate having to try explaining how horrid it is to my wife. All I get is:
      Wife: Josh, you LIKE science fiction.
      Me: but science fiction is BASED ON science!
      At least now a scientist can poke fun at how erroneous it is, so I know I'm not alone.
      I wish it was more like the ID4 and armaggedon articles I read. They literally explained how insane the ideas in the movies where (like, in ID4, if the mothership was 1/4th the size of the moon, and the nuke hit a major 'e
      • If it was 1/4th the size of the moon, think of how much energy must be stored in the "engine core" in order to be powerful enough to get the thing moving. Of course, that thought assumes that the energy source is something that would release an explosion of its own once disturbed by a large explosion.
  • Note: you read it here first. Microwaves from space will cook our planet

    Didn't After Dark already do this with toasters?

    What I actually find laughable is all the scientists that keep stepping up to debunk all these disaster movies. I know they're a boatload of crap! Who cares?!? It doesn't make them any less fun to watch!

    • Microwaves cooking the planet are also available in SimCity 2000, though it assumes we put a satellite up pretty much for the express purpose.
      • For all the times I've played SC2K, I don't think I ever used the microwave plant as an energy source. I almost always saved up enough case to jump from coal right into fusion, unless I was trying to be "green" and do all windmills or hydro.

        Dang, now I feel like playing. Has anyone tried out SimCity 4 yet?

        • Naw, but I want to. I completely ignored SC3... I think I got burned out after I bought SimTower and it sucked... so I spent all my time SCURKing revisions to SC2K.
          If anyone's tried SC4, I just put up a journal entry to discuss it []. Please please let me know how you like it and how it compares to the older ones. I need a good new game to play...

  • actually, I didn't need any scientific facts to convince my family that this is gonna be just like ID4; only without me getting drunk in the movie theatre, playing mortal kombat, smoking outside with the employees, and falling asleep in my chair.

    We saw the previews- we know it suxx0rz!
  • I went with the impression that it was about some poor admin who tries to run Netscape '4.7' on Solaris '2.6'. But, as I soon found out, it was about the center of the Earth. What a rip-off. This is almost as misleading as 'XXX' and 'Naked Lunch'.
  • 1. Let's say the earth's core stops rotating. Loss of kinetic energy means it will probably cool down. Cooling down means the pressure will decrease. This means that we can expect the earth to implode not explode. But that's using a lot of generalizations and simplications. The earth could probably deal.

    2. Ummm.. Their ship is going to melt.
    • The core is actually hot due to radiation from radioactive elements and the intense pressure caused by the miles and miles of rock pressing down from above.

      Remember the ideal gas law PV=nRT? When you raise the pressure and keep volume the same, the temperature must go up.

      I have only seen the previews (will wait to rent this sucker), but here are other facts you can take to the bank:

      1. Light There is no spoon, er, light below the surface. If you're lucky, you'll see "stuff" from the infrared, but for anyone
  • Even more funny is that yesterday on NPR Hillary Swank was interviewed and went on and on about how she loved doing this movie because of its 'realism' and that it didnt get 'all crazy with the science fiction'. For the amount of respect we give people in the public eye I'm constantly amazed at how generally ignorant they tend to be.
    • For the amount of respect we give people in the public eye

      I've never given anyone respect for being in the public eye. In fact, quite often, the opposite is true.
      Got into a big argument in high school with my buddy's mom about how Liz Taylor, while occasionally playing smart people in movies, was really DUMB.
      From that point on, I pretty much have worked with the assumption that, if you have/need/want/use publicity, you're really trying to cover something. Take it as you will.

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