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Journal FortKnox's Journal: How could I miss this??? 3

Finally, someone points me here. This is jamie admitting to author moderating (unlimited mod points), and the infamous "bitchslap" script. Looks like absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I'm going to attempt an "AskSlashdot" about this (no doubt, getting rejected), but at least I'll post it here when I finish.

Another thing that bothers me, is the "Underrated/Overrated" moderation. It doesn't get metamodded.
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How could I miss this???

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  • First, Speaking of going back and modding people down... what happened to the other 2 comments? But I digress...

    Everyone that did not get upset by this [], let me put it in a different context for you. Mmmkay?
    Let's pretend this isn't /. but something that matters (pun intended). Oh, say government. Let me rewrite Jamie's comments as issued if /. was our government (God forbid).

    We do assasinate people, yes, but we're fair about it. I can say this with some certainty because, like all assasinations, we have to fill out a reason report -- so if we start unfairly killing people willy-nilly, we get email a couple of days later from the family letting us know we screwed up! I can't speak for the other Slashdot dictators, but as for me -- of all my kills in the last several months, only two have gotten Unfair judgements. Both were anti-/. that had posted bad stuff about us that looked true but wasn't. Apparently the people of this country are too stupid to understand our great wisdom, oh well. So I stand by my record of massive Fairness. Basically I spend assasination requests where I see that I can save our court rooms some time. Many people break laws that are obviously evil, anti-/., or stupid, and they would get convicted anyway if we let the system do it's job. My taking care of it lets our people focus a little more on praising what they consider to be the good deeds, rather than having to spend their valuable time determining a minor detail like if the person was really guilty or not.
    In short, I do a little bit of grunt-work, so that our citizens can be more choosy and careful, genuinely improving the quality and controlling the tenor of the nation. And the emails I get will let me know if I ever kill too many innocent people.
    Also, for the record, "bitchslap" refers to a specific EM pulse in the cell phone towers which lets us erase selected portions of your memory if someone corrupts your little minds with their rational critisism of your SlashDot. Important point: it's only ever been used on people that we didn't like. And it hasn't been used in months, AFAIK, since the existing "you shouldn't have killed him/oops" system has been working so well.

    Well, good-bye Karma, our time together was so short! <plug type="SHAMELESS">Hey, if you liked this, please visit my journal []. It has lots of XBOX stuff in there.</plug>

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