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Journal FortKnox's Journal: The Slashdot Whiner/Bitcher? 1

Odd thing came to me today. I am starting to get known is the slashdot community. Am I going to go down in time as the guy who bitched about slashdot all the time? I've always been a whiner, but now my whining has been recognized. Maybe I'll whine so much Taco will ask me to author for free to shut me up. Maybe I've just had too much to drink...
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The Slashdot Whiner/Bitcher?

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  • I haven't checked your posts. It doesn't matter because Signal_11 is the only /.er who got a pretty bad rep. I think it was for trolling or unlimited karma, which isn't really your problem.

    Just stick with the old complaining in the journals and that way we can't get you and mod it down ;)
    Yeah, point loss is the only side-effect of whining... just make sure that you hide the whining or use some self-referential heading like "I know this has been said" or "not that I hate microsoft, but..." It seems to tame the moderators and pretty "mean" posts get high scores because they aren't seen as bitching when they're insightful.

    Ok, read my journal. I have turned down the bitching in the past couple months. Enjoy it, if that's possible :D

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