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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Zelda: WindWalker 7

OK, so I got home yesterday to find my wife not only ran out to the video game store to pickup my preordered copy of Zelda (yep... great wife I got there), but also was sitting on the couch already a good 3 hours into the game (she got a case of the "Wavebird Syndrome").

But, eventually, I got my turn, so here's my thoughts on the game.
First of all the graphics. Anyone that has seen a screenshot knows it isn't like the old zelda in terms of graphics. It looks like a Saturday morning cartoon... so much that you think that even the N64 could have created the graphics. Now I know that it couldn't because of one thing: The animation. It is so incredibly smooth, that it feels like you are watching a saturday morning cartoon. Truely fantastic.

The next thing that threw me a bit off was the story. It isn't a story about Link. In fact, the beginning of the game explains what happened in previous Zeldas. Basically, your in the future (from the previous Zelda's) and Link ("the boy in green") is now a legend. The people believe in the legend so much that the day a 'boy becomes a man', aka his birthday (looks like he's still like 13), the tradition is for him to wear a green outfit for that day (guess what day the game starts?).

Now the gameplay is strangely familiar. Its because its the same controls as Ocarina of Time! Even a lot of the music is the same. This is one of the few reasons why they released Ocarina and Master Quest as a bonus disk. They had to convert the engine to GameCube, they had to get people re-accustomed to the engine gameplay, and a bonus disk always gives people extra reason to buy. Don't get me wrong, I think the controls are great, and because I had been playing Ocarina, I already had the controls well under my belt, so getting into the story was much much easier.

I haven't gotten very far into the game, but so far it seems that the plot is very expansive, and its been quite a fun experience already. Definately a game worth buying.

Oh, and I played for 1 hour and got past where my wife had stopped (you just can't beat an extremely seasoned gaming vet) ;-)

Better than Metroid:Prime? I wouldn't say that, yet... but I'll wait until I finish before giving the final verdict between the two games.

Anyone else that has played it have opinions or reviews?
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Zelda: WindWalker

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  • Some PA for ya [penny-arcade.com]

    Damn Elves...
  • And it's not here yet. Dang. I always end up wishing I hadn't mail ordered things - this time not only is the game not here, but they decided to send the preorder disk with the order (so I don't have that either).

    I still got in the Zelda spirit, though. I just went through Link to the Past on my GBA - it saved my life through all the air travel I've had this month.
  • I see we have a shellac fan in the audience?

    The title of the game is "WindWaker", but everytime I see it I get that bassline riff in my head and think about "disguising my body in the shape of a plane..." and how "the plane becomes a metaphor for my life, as she suffers, under the weight of my plane!"- So I'm glad to see you wrote WindWalker.

    Penny arcade has some funny-ass send ups of the n00bz who think the new zelda (more like celda!) suxx0rs. And its the same take I had a year or two ago when they unv
    • i haven't listened to shellac in a while. but just thinking about it now has gotten the line, "i've got a girlfriend/you can't have her/i've got a rambler in my yard," stuck in my head. for some reason, rambler is what i think of when i think of shellac, probably because it was the first song i heard by that albini outfit.

  • 1.) A Zelda review? Are you taunting me??? :-)

    2.) Anyone else notice the Nintendo Gamecube ads that come up when you look at this review?

  • all of you game cube players are really making me want one. i find myself wanting to play zelda and metroid. i'm a PC gamer. i'm not supposed to have these desires. i must repress these unnatural urges. (admittedly, only because i can't afford a game cube and games after my recent home studio shopping spree). on the other hand, my desire to play on the PC isn't really diminishing at all.
    • I'm a strict PC gamer except football games I prefer on my console.

      However, Metroid:Prime is the best FPS (single player) I've played in a long long time (better than halflife). Its worth the system.

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