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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Holy Sh*t! 5

OK, after writing this comment. 5 of my comments from days ago got moderated down. Talk about getting bitchslapped. So much for free speech.
Sure, its "their" site, but these are the people that bring you YRO, and have a moderation system for the public to use.
I consider this proof of authors having unlimited mod points (or a buncha trolls moderatorating? Ackam's Razor!). Authors having unlimited mod points destroys the idea of a community moderation system. Its just a "Lazy Tyrant" system, now.

Addendum: Now its -13 moderations +2. Wow, someone hates me!
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Holy Sh*t!

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  • I've posted this [] and am wondering about where those features are. I just recently discovered that you can lookup fans of your journal, but that still isn't anywhere close to what slashcode has (sigh).

Memory fault -- Oh dammit, I forget!