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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Steelers Sign Buffalo TE 6

Here's some odd stuff.
Steelers just signed veteran TE Jay Riesmura (I prolly spelled that wrong). He's known as a vet catching TE. What's wierd about it, is the Steelers just resigned Jerame Tuman and Matt Cushing (2nd and 3rd stringers giving the Steelers 4 TEs, when the steelers usually only keep 2), and still have starting TE Mark Bruner signed to a significantly large contract (best blocking TE in the league).
This means one of two things. Either:
A.) Jay becomes starting TE, and they move Mark to starting Left Tackle (which is a hole since Wayne Gandy left). This is very plausible, because, as I said, Bruner is the best blocking TE which basically means he's a tackle that moves and catches passes once in a blue moon.
B.) They release Bruner and open up some cap room. He is costing a ton for just a blocking TE.

I'm hoping for A. Bruner would be a sweet tackle, knows the system, and Jay would open up the field by giving Tommy another reciever. In 3 reciever sets, they'd have Plax, Hines, Randel El, Jay, and Amos on the field. Try defending that...

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Steelers Sign Buffalo TE

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  • I think you're right about expanding the weapons. Realize, this also opens up a ton of tackle eligible plays.
    Cowher realizes what a bear it is to cover guys in the flat (linebacker, you know) and he seems to be taking the West Coast offense to the next level.
    Those 2-point plays against the Browns were things of beauty. I defy any Def. Coordinator (even the Iggles Jim Johnson) to defend that madness. Pittsburgh might just start running the 7 receiver set. It would be less 'run and gun' and more 'muddle-h
    • Pittsburgh might just start running the 7 receiver set. It would be less 'run and gun' and more 'muddle-huddle'. No backfield, two or three QBs, tackle eligible with a man in the slot. You're the weak side linebacker -- quick, what's your responsibility?

      Ya know, if it were any other team, I'd say you were crazy. But we already know Mike Mularkey is out of his fscking mind. (Evidence: The aforementioned 2 pt. conversions against the Browns.) I have an idea for a new offensive stat: Forced Defensive Time-

      • Ya know, if it were any other team, I'd say you were crazy.

        Even after writing it, I'm not sure about my sanity. But you have to admit, those sets DID work. Throw 2 or 3 of them in on a drive, net anywhere from 1 to 15 yards and, yeah, force the Defensive Timeout ("Uh, Coach, I've got 3 guys to cover...")
        You know, it's just crazy enough to work.

        • FYI - All the trick moves are Cowher, not mularkey.

          It was Cowher's idea to have wr/QBs and he's the reasont he steelers drafted kordell, hines, AND randel el.
          All those 'toss to WR, have him pass' are 100% Cowher plays (he's the coach that has the most 'trick plays' out of the active coaches).
  • we need 'em now. Sick of all the war coverage already.
  • That really sucks.

    Reimersma is one of the best players Buffalo had (2nd highest rated TE in team history). It always seemed like he was good for at least one clutch reception in every game where it would make a difference.

    It also seemed that he could work well through all the QB changes, though he was underutilized last year.

    I would hope he gets to start on any team he ends up at.

    As for the Steelers, maybe they just knew a good deal when they saw one (he might have been a bargain sign given his low sta

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