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Journal FortKnox's Journal: NFL: Who's the Team to Beat? 14

We are in the middle of the free agency period, so what teams look hot going into training?

The Steelers keep most of their team, will change around the system to fit with Tommy Maddox's style. They look pretty hot.
New England boosted their D, bigtime. Looks like their secondary will be impervious.
The Lions will climb out of their hole. A top team? Maybe not, but they won't be bottom.
Cincinnati will climb up. I don't think they have what it takes to win the AFC north, but I wouldn't be surprised if they took #2...
But my choice for the #1 spot in the NFC (we all know who I pick for the AFC) is the Falcons. Peerless is EXACTLY what that team needs (not to mentiont the newer, aggressive logo). They have a go-to man, a great pass catching TE, two good, solid RBs (I'd love to see them both on the field), and, of course, the man himself, michael vick.

Who's looking bad?
Cleveland. Sweet hell, they lost all their D (not that it was that great to begin with). Starting from scratch is a bad place to be. And frankly, the QB controversy? Mediocre vs Decent. I'd rather draft a rookie and go with him.
Jacksonville. They spent big cash for hugh douglas. That isn't solving their financial problems.
Washington. Snyder threw money around the last two years. Where did that end up? The same place this year. No where.

What do you guys (and gals) think?
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NFL: Who's the Team to Beat?

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  • Basically it is up to their D to lose... and they've kept all the big components. As long as The Brad stays healthy I think they should be OK. Of course they get to play Vick twice... but they schooled him last time and showed in the Super Bowl that they can cover 3 top flight WRs at once.

    I still think Cinci is overrated. They lost Spikes, have a journeyman at QB but have a lot of upside. The AFC seems so tight right now. I don't know if the Raiders have turned into a pumpkin yet.

    My AFC Dark Horse:
  • The Eagles. Several major players (all age 30+) have left the team for free agency, courtesy the unwritten rule (that they keep denying) where they dont sign anyone in their 30s.

    Me? Bitter? Maybe just a little.
    • What will you do when they're in the NFC Title game again?
      I know, I'm being optimistic, but, they do keep getting better.
      And, even if they players leave, they DO hold on to coaches...
      As long as they keep winning the NFC East, I'm happy.

  • the closest detroit is going to get to the sb is in 2006
  • My boys - The Redskins, are gonna put it together. Danny boy has spent alot of money to endure another Redskin trip to the superbowl.

    Oh wait - he did the same last year, and the year before and the.....
  • The Super Bowl was near a month ago, I'll withhold comment, but put you all on notice that the NCAA's are going on, and it's a sillay waste of time to be going over teams that won't be playing for another 5 to 6 months.
    • Because I could give a hairy rats behind about NCAA, NBA or worse - WNBA basketball.

      There are only 2 real sports - Hockey and Football(American)
  • I think the AFC will come down to the Steelers and Jets. Chad Pennington almost broke out last year. He may have been hurt by being the backup to Testaverde in training camp. Going in as a starter this year will put him over the top. The Steelers are interesting. They haven't done much in the secondary. Nothing confidence inspiring, anyway. Bettis has to quit showing up for camp overweight. He's putting Cowher and Mularkey in a bind. Of course, if anyone can deal with juggling a power runner like Bettis and

  • The Bears won't be most likely. I think we will see the team tread water for a couple years while Mr Boler or the dude from Marshall gets more mature. Unless, of course, Kordell with a K does something more manly than his cry me a river routine this year and actually performs like the man he could be. I predict (assuming the D stays healthy) an 8-8 season...if they expand the playoffs like they are talking about, da Bearzzzz might actually sneak in. Let's just hope the Bears get out to an early lead and
  • to sell the Raiders short again this year.

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