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Journal FortKnox's Journal: GeForce4 + BF:1942 19

OK, I finally got a GeForce4 (the best price for value on pricewatch. I think I spent like $55 including shipping, which was a GeF4MX, but it works great). I finally d/led and tried out the Battlefield 1942 demo, and am having a blast. If I can find it for under $50, I'll be playing it all the time. Who all plays this game?
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GeForce4 + BF:1942

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  • <rant>
    Personally, I'm a little tired of all the Yet Another WW2 Sims(not game, games aim to be fun, sims aim to be realistic).
    Theyre no different from WW2 movies, just cookiecutter clones of each other. From the popularity of these games, I'm guessing I'm the minority, but I get seriously bored fast.

    RTCW was fun since it stretched the realism, but even it got boring after a while. I only stuck with it so long because iD Xian ran some nice servers and it ran great in linux.
    • Hey, don't know it until you try it. BF1942 isn't that realistic (unless you're looking for UT2k3). It's actually incredibly fun. Probably the best game I've played in a long, long time.
      • I'm happy with counterstrike-level realism (preferably before they nerfed jumping, I'm still a little pissed about that)

        I suppose eventually I should give it a try, But I just get disapointed by all the ww2 sims I've tried, in this order:

        rtcw - fun, but tiresome
        MOHAA - I played it for a grand total of about 3 hours before it bored me, that walking was horrible. I think downloading it took almost as long as playing it to the point of boredom
        DOD - joy, run around spamming bullets until you get sniped. Its
  • Shadowspark [slashdot.org] also plays bf1942, we've played together once. We're still looking for a good team to play with. With the addition of you, that will make a possible total of 4 people.

    The other game of choice is warcraft 3, which kicks ass, if you like that sort of thing. I'm going for a famous record, and am well underway with a nice Random Team record of 27 victories, and 7 losses. Yes, I am proud of that :)

    What I'm finding, is for arranged teams you have to have a VoIP solution. GameVoice is supposed t
  • I will be playing once winex finishes supporting it. I love playing in linux :)
  • The second to last patch (1.3) caused some bad audio effects which made the game unbearable (although 1.3.1 fixes them). So I haven't played in a few weeks. But other than that I love the game. It's got great elements to it that allow for someone to dominate without being a Sn1p4r M4st4h (unlike, say, Counterstrike). Usually those folks end up losing more often then not as they can't think Big.

    When the demo was first released it was great. It was just Wake Island, Wake Island, Wake Island. Most games
  • seems to be the only reason I've been booting into windows.. darn you BF1942! hurry up winex! get that network play working!
  • Didn't know there was a demo. Might dl it and give it a spin.
  • I play BF1942 occasionally and normally when my brother is home. It's great when you can have a great team together pull off team strats. Like when we're engineer/medic combo'ing with a tank. We're practically invincible :). Xerithane setting up a server would be sweet and BF1942 is great for its 'pick up and play' ability... unlike War3 which sometimes takes ages to get a game going. BTW: If u ever want to play War3, it's be great to have more teammates in that game.

    Anyways I'd like to know how well

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