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  • OMG! I love this! Can't wait to get the http://franceIsOccupiedGermany.org/ server delivered, up and running with RSS to my journal. This will really help with posting articles (I think).

    Gosh, I hope I am not over reacting, as I have never been known to do that ;-)
  • This should be very good for those that have a personal blog + slashdot journal (LG comes to mind).

    Thanks for the mention! As for the ability to post comments on my page, I've had that for about 20 or so days now. I don't like the system though, I want to change it... but that's another topic. Sometime last year, Xerithane was saying the same sort of thing about making a slashbox for journals. I think it would be a handy sort of thing. Especially when I get off my butt and type all the articles I have ready and waiting.

    As for my 'evil plan', it is kinda borked at the moment as my life is quickly going to hell in a handbasket. I wrote a JE about it but it came off FAR too whiny, so I have to fix it before posting.
  • by glh ( 14273 )
    Thanks for the post. I'm definitely going to play with this.. getting ready to work on my own personal blog right now. good timing!

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