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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Bleh 9

I had 64 messages today.

I don't read /. over the weekend, and I was sick Monday (and Joey was sick overnight, which means I'm ready to go to sleep now).
To be honest, I didn't read many of your journals. Sorry, but unless a subject really piqued my interest or addressed me personally, I skipped over it (cyrano, sorry I wasn't around to help you out).
I get like 4 times a day to check slashdot, and only in like 15 minute increments. I can't check my sports news until I get home, so I dunno what's happened in free agency (one of you football peeps *cough*DaytonCIM*cough* need to hook me up with a good JE about what's going on in the NFL).

Anywho, if there were any really good JE's or anything, someone link me to it.

BTW - I did get a GeForce4 this weekend. We'll see how well I play BF:1942 (I reinstalled Oni to get back into the 'gaming' mode).

Update: I can't install anything including any IRC clients nor AIM (nor can I use applets, cause I don't have the proxy passwords).
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  • Ahem... I guess I need to get busy again... Ok. I'll see what I can do to keep you informed. :)

    By the way Jake the Snake is meetin' with the Bears today.
    • Jake in Chicago? That'd fit nicely! What is the Bears fans consensus about that?
      • Honestly, I think any QB who can come in and simply put points on the board is welcome and will be treated like a KING. Now, if a new QB comes in and flat out sucks, then he should really think about leaving town quickly.

        Miller was well liked, but not well respected. A little too injury prone and often did not make good decisions at the line. Not 100% his fault, considering how piss poor the Bears OLine was last season.

        The Bears need to work on the OLine and get them working on the basics: protecting the QB. Then, they need to sign either Jake or Brian or better yet trade Cincy for Carson. Then, get the running game going full speed. Get those 3 things in order and you'll see the Bears in the playoffs.
    • I heard this morning that it's practically a given that Jake's going to Denver.

      • It's been a "given" for some time. However, take into consideration that 1) Jake is in Chicago meeting with the Bears and 2) if he goes to Denver then he has the added stress of "must win" immediately.
  • do you have a linux box you can ssh to? you can setup puTTY to be pretend to be a SOCKS proxy and ssh tunnel your traffic to another box, say your home connection.

    Or, you can just ssh into the box and use BitchX or naim to get on IRC and AIM. that's what I do from work.

  • So your the one to blame when I come home to a stack of messages about the NFL from DaytonCIM!

    Anyway, check out Mindterm [], it is an SSL --> SSH bridge, that can be access from any browser that supports java! If you want to try Mindterm for personal use you can Download Here [].
    Been using it for 945 days (it tells you) and have been very happy with it.

  • Eagles lost Brian Mitchell and Shawn Barber to free agency.
    Expecting to lose Hugh Douglas any day.
    On the positive side for the birds, they signed an obscure Atlanta Falcon linebacker.
    That'll keep the natives happy.

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