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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Football News: UPDATED! 28

Wow is there a good QB queue in free agency all of a sudden. Kordell Stewart is released (no surprise. He's really expensive, Steelers are near the cap, and Maddox is gonna want more than his $650,000 salary for starting QB).
Jim Miller was released by the Bears (which was a bit of a surprise to me. I thought they'd get his successor and make sure the new guy was a good starter before releasing him). I guess the Bears may be interested in trading into Cincy's pick to get Carson Palmer.

Brian Griese was given permission to look for trade options. Too bad his father's team is locked up as far as QB's are concerned. He can look to Arizona, though. Maybe compete for starter in Cincinnati. Maybe the Bears will show interest?

Jake Plummer's contract wasn't renewed, but I'm almost certain the Broncos will sweep him up ASAP.

Charlie Batch may ask for another year contract to backup in Pittsburgh (honestly, Maddox is old already, and it'd be in Batch's best interest to stay the Steelers backup and hope to get playing time and consideration as starter once Maddox retires).

Rob Johnson is being released shortly, and TB's third stringer "Shaun King" ran outta contract. Akili Smith is being released by the Bengals. Those three (most likely) won't find starting jobs, but will try and find good backup positions.

Any QB predictions from the audience??

Update: The Redskins are MORONS! They released workhorse Stephen Davis. They aren't morons for releasing him (His backups are just as good, younger, and cheaper), but morons for not trading him instead. What team needs a good workhorse? Minnesota? The Lions? Carolina? Man, he's gonna have a GREAT contract by the preseason...
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Football News: UPDATED!

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  • It's a shame the bears got rid of Miller. If anything, he would be a damned good backup for whomever they get in the draft.

    I don't think it will be Palmer. I also don't think they should pick up Kordell or Griese.

    I am thinking they are going to go with whomever is left after palmer...maybe Dorsey*? Who knows.

    *Dorsey is a senior right? I don't follow college ball all that much.
    • Griese would be a good fit for the Bears offense and I hope that the front office recognizes that. Good throwing arm, pretty good runner (knees are questionable). If the Bears could protect him, then the offense could honestly score 21 points a week and rely on the defense to keep it close.

      I don't think the Bears have a shot at Carson (and if they do, I hope they don't give up too much for him).

      I don't think Dorsey Levins is good enough to EVER start in the NFL. He works hard, yes. But honestly he is not a "smart" QB. I don't think he can handle the speed at which the NFL is played.
    • Dave Ragone is my sleeper pick at QB, good pocket QB, numbers looked like crap for his senior year after loosing his O-line and recieving options to draft/graduation (Deion Branch of the Patriots was his WR his Jr. year) Palmer has all the markings of Heisman bust, and being drafted by cinci would shore it up, but thats's all in my next post.
  • I'm still at the annual stage where I get up on Sunday morning, cook and eat breakfast, wander over to the TV -- and realize that there's no football, no Terry and Howie, nothing but figure skating and horse jumping...
  • Kordell Stewart is released

    Strong evidence that Kordell is headed to Miami. Which begs the question: why? If he was so unhappy in Pittsburgh, why would he be happy in Miami? 1)He's not going to start. 2)Miami will not pay him $5 mill a year to ride the bench.

    Jim Miller was released by the Bears

    Not a surprise. He's not a good QB. I do hope the Chicago actually does something in the off-season to bring in a quality QB. Of course, Bears history tells us that they couldn't tell a good QB from a hole in the ground.

    A trade with Cincy? Who would the Bears trade for #1 Pick Carson?

    Brian Griese

    This is a shitty situation. Here's a guy that NEVER had a chance of success in Denver. How do you follow a football god? Denver worships Elway (hell, they fired Dan Reeves to keep Elway happy). No, Griese never had a shot. Too bad, he's a smart QB.

    Good fit for the Bears. Let's hope the they figure it out and quick. Because, I think Cincy is going to keep Carson.

    Jake Plummer

    Starting Denver QB next season. Funny thing is Jake doesn't do well playing in cold weather. Hmmmm...

    Charlie Batch

    He'll stay in Pitt.

    Rob Johnson

    Maybe a backup job in Miami if Kordell doesn't find a home there. If not he's CFL / NFL Europe bound.

    Shaun King

    Might find a job in the CFL or NFL Europe. I don't see him staying in the states.

    Akili Smith

    I still want to believe he's got the goods to be a great QB, but... Cincy never gave him a real chance and he's never had a good coach. I think he lands somewhere like Sand Diego or New York (Jets) as a 2nd (or maybe 3rd string) backup.

    • Starting Denver QB next season. Funny thing is Jake doesn't do well playing in cold weather. Hmmmm...

      Funny thing is Jake doesn't do well playing in warm weather. Hmmmm...

    • This guy is the second coming of Elway for Denver, unbelievable arm and a mind Shananhan can warp to fit the system. Griese was a meathead who partied too much.
      • I'd have to agree. Plummer isn't one to "buck" a proven system and with Portis there is a good chance that Denver could be playoff bound this year.

        However, I see two additional problems facing Denver:

        1. I love Sharpe, but let's be honest: he's old and injury prone. Denver needs to draft a young TE (like the Ravens did) and have Sharpe show him the ropes.

        2. Denver needs to strengthen the defense. Losing Bill to DA RAIDER NATION (bastards) was a deep blow. They need someone (preferably in the secondary) to come in a lay some extreme hits and stop the pass. The run defense is good enough to get by. They need a good DB now.
  • Will be in NFL Europe this spring (or will it be NFL Florida... we'll see), especially in light of Danny Wuerffel in 2000.

  • [I watched more Bengals games on TV last season than the average Cincinnatian... Sunday Ticket is great!]

    The problem is not at QB. Yes, Jon Kitna is not going to lead the Bengals to the Super Bowl (of course, I don't think Brad Johnson, Tom Brady, Trent Dilfer, or Kurt Warner could lead that many teams to a Super Bowl). But if you think that the position with the greatest need in Cincy is QB, you're deluded. The special teams and defense account for the bulk of the losses, and defense is where the draft efforts can be focused (special teams is more a function of coaching, especially what with the types of miscues the Bengals exhibited last season).

  • Since there are a lot of AFCN heads in here, I suspect there'll be a lot of plotting about the Bengals QB (as the Steelers and the Browns are good in that area and the Ravens are midproject). I personally think Lewis will stick with his strength: game control through stellar defense and running. The Bengals already have the second half (a running game with servicable passing). I think now he wants to get some primo talent around Justin Smith and TKO... especially their secondary (which has sucked for the last decade). I could see them trying to go for some good LB talent and maybe an aggressive safety (OSU's Mike Doss?).

    This looks like a big offensive draft year so I think teams who want D and have low picks will be well off (like the Browns. Actually they NEED some O-linemen and a bruising FB to let Mr Green run for 1000+).

    I'm also glad the Browns aren't shooting themselves in the face by chancing it on Kelly Holcomb. He's been clutch but he only started 3 games. I'd rather have the QB situation solve itself naturally.
  • You call Ken Lucas and Jay Feidler as locking up the QB position, why not sign Scott Mitchel and shore up the unholy trinity of suckass.
    • Trade Takeo for a corner and the backup at NO (Delhome): The best part is that they will have to give up a first and second round pick because of the franchise tag. They have extra picks in the 1st and 2nd round due to the Ricky Williams trade so they wont worry too bad. You may say why trade Takeo, he is spreading bad blood.
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    • Trade no 1 to Oakland for their 2 1st round and 2 2nd picks, throw in Dillon if they want him: They need a backup for Gannon he is old, Palmer fits their system and is a west Coast kid. Why trade Corey Dillon, bad blood, hates Cinci.
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    • Sign Stephen Davis!
    • Use NO pick to get Ragone
    • Use pick 31 to get get another stud DT (Dewayne Robertson of Kentucky would be great, but the Draft is stacked with them)
    • Use pick 32 for a CB or LB
    • Use pick 33 for a CB or LB
    • Use NO 2nd round pick for Willis Magahee, UC med center orthopedics will turn that kid into an Iron Man for next year (2004)
    • Use pick 63 for Mike Doss (SS) +1 Ohio Karma
    • Use pick 64 for a OL
    • Use pick 65 for a DE

    Cinci Needs some trade help here but it could happen. Some might question about defensive realignment, but the key to Lewis defense is Stud DT'd to allow those linebackers to shift to the outside or into coverage, are they blitzing or showing zone? Screw with a QB's head and you've won the game, bottom line.
    • But TKO is also franchise. Wouldn't Cincy have to give up some picks for the trade, too? (BTW - Love the 'trade corey, pickup stephen' idea).
      • The deal with franchise players is this, you stick the tag on the guy and you get to match/beat any other contracts, but the bidding team also gives up a 1st round and a 2nd round pick if they are successful. If you don't reach an contract agreement by a date the league sets you have to pay a salary that is the average of the top 5 players at their position in the league to retain their services or the player is instantlly waived.
  • Mel Kipper Jr. is predicting that Kordell is going to Chicago or Tampa Bay (more likely Chicago). Uhg...
  • They released workhorse Stephen Davis.

    Yes the Skins organization are morons, remember the Skins hired Spurrier as Head Coach.

    turns 29 on Feb. 28, leaves as the Redskins' No. 3 all-time rusher with 5,790 yards, just 85 yards behind second-place Larry Brown. He is the only player in franchise history to run for 1,000 yards in three consecutive seasons.

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