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Journal FortKnox's Journal: The Salon Story 7

Did the salon story catch anyone's eye? I'm not sad for Salon (never read it), but what did catch my eye was Michael's comment:

In the old role-playing game "Paranoia", there was a nice quote about what would happen when the player characters (who had never been outside of their enclosed city complex) made an attempt to swim in water over their heads: "delaying drowning".

Pot, this is kettle; YOU'RE BLACK!

Honestly, VA isn't in the best shape. Still under $1, and the only reason they hover around $1 is because of Sourceforge. If I was Michael, instead of making a stupid egotistical and obnoxious response like that, I'd be thanking God I still got a paycheck.

FYI - I forgot breakfast, so I'm a touch grouchy.
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The Salon Story

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  • If I was Michael, instead of making a stupid egotistical and obnoxious comments

    But, then he wouldn't be the "Michael" we all love to hate. :)
  • Since has books, national recognition from other big media (newspapers, radio and TV). Slashdot is a very specialized community and, like you said, it only exists because Sourceforge (an actual commodity) exists. It reminds me of the other big forum I hang out at: []. It is the website associated with the Roots hip-hop collective. It is free to all and a great community... but it only exists because the Roots are a successful music act.

    There its understood. On /. some seem to think that the community is self-supporting. Folly.
  • And I noted said noticement in my butt kicking journal [] Sunday February 23, @05:40PM :-)
  • Slashdot Trajectory:

    1. Make Cool Website to attract geeks
    2. Sell to VA
    3. Barely Profit
    4. Criticize all profit-seeking enterprise
    5. Go out of business.

  • Why is it that every geek knows about this game, but no body actually ever played it?

    Man, now that I have some experience in the Real World, I could have some fun with this game.

    More on the topic: I hope I can get all my JE's downloaded before /. "pulls a Salon"...time to learn perl (unless someone wants to post code for me :) )
  • don't forget thinkgeek. they sell stuff. hopefully they get some money for their efforts.

When we write programs that "learn", it turns out we do and they don't.