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Journal FortKnox's Journal: AC Hits the Nail on the Head! 5

We break these rejected articles to bring you this special broadcast from the author!
Wow! I just read an anonymous coward comment (a Jon Katz bash, mind you) that was written well and concise (if not off topic), but really explains the hatred of Katz by (I dare say most) slashdot readers and compares it to what Roblimo said the kuro5hin when OSDN dropped them. Wish the /. crew would read that. Makes sense to me...
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AC Hits the Nail on the Head!

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  • I'd put a (n/t) up there, but the /. would yell at me. Damn lameness filters.
  • FortKnox, you have a great idea here. And, since imitation is the highest form of flattery, I have started putting MY rejected articles in my journal. I also wrote a little note giving you props for the idea, and linking to your journal page, so people can read the stories you have had rejected. I read some of your articles, and I think they should have been posted on /. proper. I especially liked the giant cockroach. If you would like to link to my journal, feel free. Maybe we can start a sub-sub-culture of rejected /. stories. :-)

    I hope that /. will realize that if they keep moving toward making money and away from keeping users happy, they may go the way of, which lost most of it's users when they started charging a subscription for "Premium Service."

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