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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Wife's Leaving Me For A Wedding 27

My wife's got a wedding to attend in Jersey. She's driving with her mother and my son. So she's leaving Thursday morning, and will return Monday night. That leaves me four solid days of boredom.

Doesn't seem like much, but there are little things you get when you are married. Used to a warm body next to you when you sleep is a big one. I'm considering buying an electric blanket to stay warm at night.
I'll get some solid video game time in, but I know once saturday afternoon rolls around, that'll be mucho boring. I have yet to know what to do. I have a collection of Alton Brown recipes I want to try that my wife wouldn't want to smell in the apartment, but that only accounts for meals...

Any ideas? Anyone up for a visit to Cincy? I'll take you out bowling or something... and lotsa free home cooking ;-)
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Wife's Leaving Me For A Wedding

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  • Spend all day one day at a movie theatre. Watch as many in a row as you can handle, then go home and watch them on tape, then play them while you sleep.
    • Spend all day one day at a movie theatre.

      I did this once. It was a good time. From 12N-12M, as long as they were showing movies, with breaks for food. (A nice meal at a restaurant was much cheaper than the popcorn prices)
  • The first time my wife went away, I thought I'd go do some stuff I stopped doing since I had gotten married, like go to a bar and watch basketball all day.
    Instead, I cleaned and cooked.
    I was surprised I didn't pick up sewing. ;-)

    Seriously, even if you'd do your own stuff with them there, with them gone it's kind of disconcerting.
    Consider a small project around the house.
    The cooking idea is good, especially something exotic that she might not dig.
    • I concur!

      Do some housework- install that lighting fixture, fix that dry-wall, whatever.

      I also have a tendency to take up smoking when the wife's not around, and throw down some MISFITS on the stereo (this is usually after a few drinks, too ;)

      So a healthy mix of guilty pleasures and Stuff you've been meaning to get organized but haven't had the time for.
    • Instead, I cleaned and cooked.

      Oh man, you nailed it. :)
  • I'd love to come down and visit but I just made reservations at the Wyndam for us at the Wyndam. Lobster buffet and prime rib!! Normally I don't go for valentines day, but this year it'll be different. I figure, we are having kids soon so we better take every chance we can get to spend some time together (she doesn't seem to mind)!! :)

    By the way, there is another computerfest coming up soon that I may go to on March 15. If you're interested, maybe we can plan something a little more interesting than last time such as doing something afterwards.
    • Woops, sorry for the redundancy in my post (reservations at the Wyndam for us at the Wyndam). I guess I must like saying "Wyndam".
  • Party! (Score:2, Funny)

    Ok everybody, I'm making the flyers now...
    Big party this weekend @ FortKnox's house.
    BYOB, and invite all your friends!

    jk - although bowling sounds fun.
  • and I'm taking my girlfriend to a nice hotel for the weekend. and as long as I don't chicken out, I'm gonna propose. luckily, she doesn't read slashdot.

    wish me luck!
    • wish me luck!

      Best of luck to you, and don't chicken out. There are worse things than marriage! ;)
    • LUCK!

      (what's the matter? Don't like that I can type a response in only one word /.? Get over it.)
    • Oh, sure... one-up me why don't you!!

      Kidding. Good luck. And don't do it at a wierd time, cause everyone is going to ask, "How did you ask her", and if it was in the middle of an ackward situation, well, you get the idea...
      At dinner or while you are by yourself with her is good... unless you want to do the 'annoy her ALL day, so shes really pissed, then propose' like I did. But I'm flat out cruel ;-)
      • Proposal: at cousin's birthday party. That bitch was always one upping me, my siblings, and my other cousins. For once her in her fucking life, she wasn't the center of attention. Got down on one knee and all that jazz.

        BTW, #slashdot on efnet if you are bored. Someone will be there. And C&C Generals should be out tomorrow (or today in some stores that screwed up:)

        Bowling, in Cincinati? Didn't know they did that there. (smirk)
    • best wishes on the coming weekend. my fiancee got pretty giddy when i proposed. nothing got to her for quite some time. now that we're (finally) getting the wedding stuff all together, her giddiness factor is increasing once again. i hope you're as happy as i predict i will be.
  • Didn't realize you're from Cincinnati, FortKnox!

    Pity there's nothing to do... even Rochester (in college there) has more :-p
    • Yeah, I live on the East side of town, work downtown (getting reassigned to near red-bank next week, though).
    • Okay, as someone who went to High School in Rochester... what's to do in rochester? Other than wandering around Wegmans at strange hours of course.

      • That's more than there is in Cincinnati ;-) And Pittsford Wegmans is wonderful for someone like me who likes to cook all the time...

        There are a lot of things on campus, and Eastman usually has some stuff going on, so I'm kept well occupied.

  • I always end up regretting however I spent my time when the family is away. Make sure to do something productive or you'll probably feel the same way too.

  • I was in Cincy this time last year, but did you take me out?? Nooooo, did you even know I was going? Probably not =)

    If you choose to ride along with the ladies and you pass near Harrisburg, PA do let me know.

  • My brother-in-law just broke up with his fiancee -- with the wedding scheduled for Sunday! My guess is that the wedding will take place, but either way we've got the plane tickets so we're taking a vacation, at a minimum. With another round of snow coming through, maybe that's not such a bad thing.

    Good luck to einstein on the proposal plan!

    As for FortKnox, there isn't much I'm really interested in in Cincinatti, at least until the Reds start playing. There was a Slashdot interview of one of the FSF leaders, who was from Cincinatti. He got a question about his favorite chili: Skyline or the other one, which set off a lengthy debate between Ohioans. I love to try local specialties like that, and visited a Skyline on a subsequent visit to Cleveland. Not to my taste, I'm afraid.

    (Generally, while my wife and I were very impressed with Cleveland and its residents, the food there was somewhere between abysmal and inedible. There was one good sub place near CWRU whose specialty was sandwiches with the fries cooked inside. I've never seen that outside Israel and really enjoyed it.)

  • but you mentioned missing a warm body and then invited people to come up. That's creepy. Just kidding, but I don't think I can make it. Too freaking busy. I would like to come visit sometime. It'd be interesting to meet IRL. I want to go to a banky party sometime too. :-)
    • you mentioned missing a warm body and then invited people to come up

      I realized I did that, but no one commented on it, so I thought that no one noticed, so its harmless :-P

      Whats worse is that you can read it and say "Does he think inviting me to bowling would get me to sleep next to him?" ;-)
  • Go for a combo of baldass_newbie and M.C.Hampster, at least that's how it usually goes for me. Either out to a brewpub for dinner and beers, then back home, or just stay home, make food that neither my wife nor kids would eat (chili, corned beef hash & eggs, etc) and drink beer. Watch TV, play Diablo II, play guitar until at least 2 am, more like 3. Sleep all the way until 9am. (as late as I can sleep on the weekends since I get up around 5.30-6 on weekdays, and besides, it's my full 6 hours)

    Then the "guilt" sets in and I end up cleaning and doing laundry or something.

    And missing them incredibly until they get home. They were gone for 3 weeks last spring, one week in August and then 3 weeks over Christmas, but I was with them for the middle week. Totally sucks after the first weekend day. Weekdays aren't too bad, until nighttime, when you can't sleep 'cause they're not there and it's all freaking quiet and you just stay up until you can't anymore because that's the only way you get to sleep.

    Or maybe that's just me. :)

  • Before my wife (then she was only my girlfriend) moved in with me, I had lots of free time in the evenings which I mostly occupied going out or working on the computer:
    • cinema
    • programming
    • playing games
    • reading news, blogs etc.
    • pr0n *sigh*

    Since she moved in with me, I have seldom any time to even watch a DVD in the evening ! Let alone the computer stuff, except daily Slashdot and reading other news. I had to give up the pr0n, too.

    I guess that if she left for a few days, I'd slowly pick-up on things I was doing back then.

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