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The Matrix Anime Series

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  • what I saw before, it's not actually the matrix, but an group of anime shorts that were based on the matrix.

    It looked pretty cool, especially the part where they had two samuri re-enacting the subway fight in a bamboo field. I'm loading the trailer now, so I'm not sure if were talking about the same flick, but if it is, then I'd check it out.

  • it looks pretty cool. Of course, I'm at work (boo!) and have to wait until I get home to watch the whole thing.
  • I can't get much of anything beyond the screensaver bit, and I let it download for quite a while. Perhaps I am impatient?

    I'll try again late at night, methinks.
    • Definately SlashDotted, they posted the story to the main page just before 7:00 AM here []. I don't think you'll be able to get decent download speeds for a couple of days unless some mirrors go up, or try at very early in the morning, after the late night hackers on the Left Coast have mostly turned in for the night.

      BTW: the FTP site mentioned in Dthoma's Journal here [] has a copy of the whole original Matrix movie for download - but of course it is a pirated version and you should only download it if you already own a copy of the DVD [] and want this one for backup.

  • If that crap is supposed to be true to the history of The Matrix, well I'm pretending that crap doesn't exist. The animation is quite well done, but the story is painfully implausible. Spoilers below: Sure humans could eventually create machines in our image, but what fool would let it think for itself and want its own rights? What fool would let a machine hurt humans? What fools would decide to eliminate all thinking robots and junk them in the ocean instead of recycling them. What fools would let the robots create their own city called 01 above ground instead of just bombing the hell out of them? I've read Asimov's Caliban, Inferno, and the other book in the series. I can't believe retarded stories like these are still floating around.
    • I dunno. I thought they were inspired on the Matrix, but not actually related. It seems I'm wrong, though.
    • The same kind of fools who put unmetered X-ray machines in shoe stores.
      The same kinds of fools who eagerly cut education funding, increase testing, and think that that will get them educated children.
      The same kinds of fools who trust Microsoft.
      The same kinds of fools who watch more televison by the year, eat junk food by the ton, treat those televison sets and gaming consoles as their primary baby sitter and then talk about our "insoluble" national problems with obesity.
      The same kinds of fools who buy guns, don't train with them or lock them up but are surprised when some five year old kills his best friend while "playing".
      The same kinds of fools who defer maintenance on a bridge for fifty years and then think that they can use two coats of paint on the repaired sections because "we'ld never do that again".
      The same kinds of fools who think that fourteen flight fatalities in twenty years of launching a shuttle designed by committee and stripped of a third of its intended capabilities is a surprise.
      The same kinds of fools who, following fifty years of intelligence failures and barely concealed chicanery, put the same damn bastards in charge of rebuilding it all [] and then give them authority to launch combat missions.
      The same kinds of fools who think that Edward Teller is an appropriate or unbiased judge of not yet possible missile system capabilities and spending [].
      The same kinds of fools who expect reasoned, considered debate on slashdot [].

      You and me, cobber, you and me.

  • Watching this animated short left me deeply concerned. Yes, it is just a cartoon, but it does relay an aspect of humanity that chills me to the bone. It is the aspect of humanity that violence and intolerance, hatred and blind rage stem from. I wish that there were some great 'fix' that could be applied to everyone, to alleviate this, but I don't think that suppression would solve anything at all. I don't understand this aspect of humanity at all, and I also know that I do carry some seed of it in me as well. How do you understand when someone comes to another in the spirit of peace and understanding and the opposite party refuses to listen because of perceived 'differences'? (Related to that scene when the AI ambassadors come before humanity offering an olive branch, only to be denied.)

    This ties in somewhat to the plethora of emotions that were elicited when I went to see Bowling for Columbine. I literally bawled during the showing of the surveillance footage of the incident, it struck such a chord of sadness in me that there exists this type of violence and misunderstanding in the world. I was disheartened for both the victims that were subjected to such horrors, forever changing the way they perceive the world; as well as the students who perpetuated the act, saddened by the hurt they must have had during the upbringing and experiences that led up to that bloody culmination.

    I wish that there were something that I could do. Things don't have to be this way. Things shouldn't be this way.

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