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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Vatican Vs Harry Potter 12

According to Y!, the Vatican has come to a conclusion on Harry Potter. Is it witchcraft or fun reading for children?
You'll be surprised!

They got a new cardinal that is "Bringing the Vatican back into the new age." Apparently, he has no ill will towards harry potter (I guess you can parallel it to LoTRs in that the wizards only do magic for good, and good always defeats evil, etc...), and gives it two thumbs up...

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Vatican Vs Harry Potter

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  • Because they already said that Darwin's theories are God's will.
    • I thought they had something kinda non-committal, like, Darwinism and evolution don't directly conflict with the Bible because the Bible doesn't delineate the mechanics, just the actions of the Lord. As in, He created the animals, but it doesn't detail the method, so maybe he did evolve them, or something.
  • by mekkab ( 133181 )
    Its refreshing that someone can see through the vaneer and get to the heart of the matter; forget the clothes that its wearing, what is its moral stance?

  • Sadly, the more extreme of his brethren will probably not take the hint, and will doubtless pilory him every which way.
  • Millions the world over will now say it must be ok, since the Vatican said so.

    What is so wrong with forming your own opinion?

    And yes, for what it's worth, I attended a catholic church for 8 years. I never really understood the need of some of the people to agonize so much over their actions. Anyway, I'm glad they are taking this stance.
  • Few people realize that the pope was a Philosopher and a phenomenologist. His recent encyclical (1998), titled Fides et Ratio [vatican.va] or Faith and Reason, outlines the balance between Faith and Scientific Understanding.
    Unfortunately most people are so mired in what their local pastor says, that they'll never get the message.
    Great read, if you're into Western Philosophy and the balance between Faith and Reason, though.
    • Excellent link! I can't wait to tear into that tonight :-)
      • I have to admit, I paused before I posted it.
        Think about it.
        Oh well, I'm already going to hell on the 'meat rap'...
        • You do know by 'tear into it', I mean read it and try to understand what he says, right?
          I was born Catholic, I'm not trying to denounce the pope or anything ;-)
          • I gotcha.
            My statement of concern was more about the parochial secular-humanist nature of slashdot than about your intentions.
            By all means, 'tear it apart' and look for weakness. It's pretty refreshing, actually.
            Well, uh, for the R.C. Church, that is.

            And yes, the Subject Line is from 'My Blue Heaven'.
  • John Stossel of ABC's 20/20 did a "Give me a break" over the whole anti-Potter thing.

    http://abcnews.go.com/sections/2020/2020/GMAB_0208 30_harrypotter.html [go.com]
  • example of how the Catholic Church has lost its grace. Harry Potter is the personification of evil in this world. No child should be allowed to read such drivel.

    Ok, enough sarcasm.

    Seriously, I think any author that can get kids to read a book in this day and age of overwhelming, addictive video games and 1000 TV channels has pulled off a miracle and should be granted sainthood.

This is clearly another case of too many mad scientists, and not enough hunchbacks.