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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Columbia, Lag, Bourne 12

First of all, I must say my heart goes out to the friends and families of the astronauts that died in the name of science and exploration. When I heard the news, I flashbacked to the time when I was a kid, looking at the launch of the Challenger. Its a humble reminder that we do have to consider the dangers of our own lives when we explore science...

Has anyone experienced general lag? Like lagging on most sites you connect to (not just slashdot)? When I do traces, its not like one spot is lagging, but mediocre lag the entire trip. Is this the aftershocks of slammer?

This weekend, my wife and I rented the Bourne Identity. I was a little leary, but sheeee-it was it a great flick! Super action, complex plot. It almost puts James Bond to shame. This is what action flicks are supposed to be like. I can't wait to see the next couple Bournes' that will be released. Maybe I'll pick up the books when I finish the Lord of the Rings...
Anyway, its a suggested film to rent by me, especially if you like complex plots with super-action.
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Columbia, Lag, Bourne

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  • It hasn't been long since I wrote a piece in my journal [] mourning the passing of Columbia and her crew.

  • I haven't gotten any lag.

    Though I was hoping you were going to rant on Bourne shell. I really dislike brian fox. He wrote a language called metahtml. Search for it on google. It was lisp like, in terms of function definitions but it was written like malformed XML. It used this internal structure that just wouldn't work. Since it wasn't OSS, no one but he could work on it. What's worse, is

    Grrr.. brian fox.
  • I've noticed some nice slowdowns both at work and home. At first I just thought that it was /. so I didn't really complain, but now I'm seeing issues with almost all the sites I frequent. Maybe it's just a midwest thing.
  • Yes, I was thinking of seeing the Challenger explode when I saw the Columbia, too. It's terribly sad.

    I haven't noticed lag anywhere but /.

    I watched Bourne Identity last night. I thought it was really good, but I don't think I'll buy it. I didn't think the plot was all that complex unless I missed something toward the end (I had a breif phone call and didn't want to pause it because everyone else was so into it. I just stepped out of the room for a second. But really they all described it as "good", not "great" or "Awesome" or anything like that. I'd watch it again, but it's not one that I'll want to see every couple of months.

  • I was wondering what to rent next.

    I appreciated your comments on "Signs". Unfortunately, I never did go see that movie in the theatres. I did rent the dvd & watch it @ my brother's place with his good system.

    I was quite impressed @ the techniques that he used to create the feel of the story. I was really impressed. I was less impressed by the story line itself. I guess that might be because I compared it to "The 6th Sense" & I really liked that 1.
  • There was a version of the Bourne Identity done by the BBC, that was released to video a few months ago. Now I haven't seen it but I have to say I like the certain flair the Beeb has for its movies.

    I dunno if you are the sort who likes to compare/contrast two types of a film.
  • Watched it this weekend. Good, but Matt Damon has a long way to go before he can lose his pretty-boy image and become a credible spy. Too young and fresh faced. Not bad on DVD, though. (Damn unskippable previews - start with scene two.)
  • How many of you watched this movie this weekend?

    I see like 4 responses saying they all saw it this weekend.

    The movie was good. I think Damon did a pretty good job of acting "surprised" when he attacked the guards.

    All in all, a pleasant movie.
  • I too watched this over the weekend and found it to be quite good. I didn't know there were plans to make sequels. Where can I find more information (if any) on these?

    With respect to Matt Damon and his "pretty-boy" looks when it comes to playing a spy: it hasn't hurt Brosnan too much! I didn't mind it. I think the whole point of the "lost pretty boy" look is that he supposedly represents tabula rasa -- a blank slate. His previous life was removed from him so he achieved a state of innocense which slowly erodes over the course of the movie. Of course, after the events of the movie, this mechanism probably won't work if any subsequent movies are released.

    I don't mind. The Bourne Identity was good entertainment. I'd recommend it.

    • Considering Robert Ludlum wrote (at least) two other Bourne books (Bourne Supremacy and Bourne Ultimatum), I wouldn't be surprised to see some sequels from Hollywood.
  • I heard about Columbia right after waking up on Saturday morning, and was shocked! Memories of being in school and hearing about Challenger in a similar manner flashed before my eyes and all I could do was sit down and put my hands between my heads. My first thoughts were to the people who were lost, my second to their families, and my third to all those like me who are counting on the space program to succeeed in the hopes for the future.

    I hope NASA, like any good survivor, will survive this, and I must echo FK's thoughts on the danger those who explore the more risker approaches to expanding our knowledge of the universe.

    I couldn't bear to watch the news. Watching Challenger explode over and over and over again way back when (thanks to ABC, NBC and CBS for burning those images in my mind). I couldn't stand seeing it happen again, to another crew in Instant Replay, over and over and over again.

    God bless the sons and daughters of the earth, who escaped her clutches for a few fleeting moments, only to be taken from us when they tried to return.

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