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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Joe Millionaire 24

OK, I'm addicted to fox reality shows (well, 'who wants to marry a millionaire' wasn't one I watched, but I'm guilty as charged when you talk about 'murder in smalltown X' and 'temptation island').

Anywho, I was watching yesterday while putting on a new bandage (went with 'bandaid fingertips', which absolutely stink. It took 6 bandaids to get one that stuck on right). Anywho, at the end my wife keeps yelling 'why is he keeping Zora again!' The answer is simple. Zora is the only one that can handle the fact that he's poor. He likes her and is trying his absolute hardest to get her to like him back. Trust me folks, it'll come down to Zora and Sara, and Zora will win. Plus Zora has the best body and isn't a 'sorority girl' like sara and melissa.
And what's up with all the sex? Geeeeez... there are some slutty girls on the show.

So does anyone else watch that show?
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Joe Millionaire

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  • I planned on watching, It was an interested concept. But like most TV viewing plans of mine, I always forget. Someone needs to sponsor this geek with a tivo :(

    I'm not too big of a fan of most of the reality shows coming out, but Joe Millionair had a nice aspect to it: Suprise. Seeing how women react when they realise they're going to be displayed as a golddigger has to be interesting.

    (disclaimer: I'm posting this at 9:26 am on no sleep, this is the ramblings of someone sleep deprived..don't expect it to make sense.)
  • At first I was rooting for Melissa...but the last 2 shows changed my mind. I think Zora, even with the Disney-like qualities (sappy sweet), is what he likes.

    I was wondering about all the sex as well. Did they really need to put in subtitles? (Slurp, "ahh, hee hee", 'mmmmm' ......) that was rediculous (sp?).

    Anyway I do agree, I think that it will be down to Zora and the 'sorority' chick. Zora does seem more real not superficial. (Atleast not nearly as much).

    Sean D.
    • Well, the 'hehe', 'mmm' wheren't so bad as subtitles, but the '(slurp)', '(gulp)', etc... were a bit unnecessary.

      Anyway, melissa seems like shes in for the money (as does sara, but not as much), and that's why I think she'll be the next to go.

      Sara and him get along, but I think she's in for the money also... we'll have to see.
      • I don't watch any of the reality/game shows except for the Fox ones, to which I'm addicted. (Darva Conger! When Animals Attack! Can the Japanese hot dog eating champ outeat a bear?!?)

        Anyway, I agree with you guys about Zora. The ironic thing is that having all that money thrown at her is actually putting off -- she'd be a lot more relaxed and trusting if they were just going to a bar for buffalo wings.

        My wife's favorite line was Melissa's: "I don't mind that Evan likes to drink beer and go to Hooters -- I can change that."

        Meanwhile, "BrideZillas" was also great television. This is why Fox does so well in the spring. All their idiotic sit-coms have failed and they're forced to put on all the stuff that they thought was too tasteless to show.

  • Don't watch it... I'm really kind of tired of the Bachelor/Bachelorette/High School Reunion/Sureal Life/When Good Pets Go Bad reality TV shows.
  • I don't say that just to sound holier than thou, I mean I really don't watch TV. It is my opinion that there is nothing really worth watching besides live international news coverage which happens rarely (once or twice a year).

    I do occasionally gathering with friends to watch sporting events such as football and hockey but those are social occasions with the game on TV as a participant, not the focus.

    I understand that people enjoy watching TV for various reasons and I am not putting any of those down.. TV just isn't for me.

  • I watch the Friends and Seinfeld reruns until 8, then turn it back to the news channels or get on the net if I am porn deficient at the moment.

    BTW, check my website or journal for the long version of my hydrogen powered Jeep story.

    Oh yea, I think the main reason I don't watch that show is because . . . I'M STRAIGHT! hehehe
  • I have been watching different reality shows here and there, and it seems to me that we are approaching a climax in this genre. It started out a lot like Mtv's Real World/Road Rules with shows like Big Brother and the Mole, and since then the shows have been increasingly extreme, as well as increasingly popular. I feel like it is all building up to a point where there will be a REALLY huge Reality Show to End Them All, after which there will be a huge backlash and people will have had enough of these things for a while.

    My prediction for the show that will do this is the upcoming "American Candidate" show on FX, which appears to be basically a version of American Idol, except instead of choosing someone to get a major record deal, viewers choose someone to make a major presidential campaign. It's just so extreme, and potentially so huge, and the reality stuff has been going full-force for so many years now that I think this is where it will all implode.

    Personally, I hope so. Sure, Joe Millionaire has some entertaining spots, as well as American Idol, but I'd sacrifice those if it meant shows like Fear Factor would be wiped from existence.
    • What? How can you say that? Fear Factor is the best. I mean, the other ones is just people moaning.. "Oh, I hope he likes me. I can't believe what that other slut did. Yatta yatta yatta.." .. but fear factor, it's more like a game show. I really enjoy watching what stunts they think of. I wish I could try some of them out, actually..
      • To me, Fear Factor epitomizes what is wrong with most reality shows. First of all, I don't want to watch someone try to choke down a beetle sandwich while an opponent tries to make barfy noises so he vomits. I never, ever want to see this or anything like it, and I even despise running across it for a few seconds while flipping through the channels. I also can take only small doses of rewarding people for being willing to humiliate themselves or to submit to torture, let alone a whole show or genre of shows based around this. I think it's been driven into the ground enough that many people will try anything for enough money.

        Sometimes people doing funny stuff for money is entertaining, but I think a weekly show based around it is pretty lame, especially when it is only rewarding people who go through horrible, pointless things.

        Obviously lots of people watch Fear Factor so many would disagree, which is fine. If people want the show, there it is. I just hope these shows become less popular so that there isn't such a dearth of non-reality-tv shows.
        • I understand the dislike of the disgusting stuff - eating random things, like a bull penis. But, what about the fun and challenging physical things? Like gettings flags off diferent points of a car hanging in mid air or jumping from a jet ski to a helicopter. All great things.
          • Those other things really just aren't very compelling to me at all. I can understand if other people like them. I just feel like I've seen it already. Also, even if the physical stuff isn't bad, the disgusting stuff is so vile that it basically kills any desire I might have had to watch.
      • Fear Factor is the best.
        Heck yeah! Especially them losers eating Equine Rectum for a paltry $50k. If I'm going to inject the nether regions of a horse's digestive tract, I have to at least take a couple of years' salary as compensation...
  • I certainly hope Zora wins... she's the most genuine, and the other two are bitchy smokers.

    I find the two points of view really amusing... like where he'll be like "it was an absolutely awful date" and the girl will say "I really felt we were connecting, it was an awesome date".

    I hope they've been taping the girls' reactions to seeing the show... :-D
    • the other two are bitchy smokers.

      They don't necessarily go hand in hand.

      like where he'll be like "it was an absolutely awful date" and the girl will say "I really felt we were connecting, it was an awesome date".

      If you like this, may I suggest Shipmates and Blind Date? Both excel at this sort of thing.
  • I didn't know it was on last night, I thought bridezillas was a two hour thing.

    So, which one got dumped last night? Is Sara the one with the kinky black hair?

    Personally, I like Zora the most, for the reasons you stated. She seems the most real. She wasn't (last week) willing to throw out all of her dirty laundry. She's got secrets, doesn't know this guy well, and isn't going to open up just for the money.

    Secretly, I was hoping that the blond banker (Heidi?) would have won the whole thing. She would certainly have had the best reaction to the 'truth'.

    Guess I'll catch the Thursday repeat.
  • I found myself watching *way* too much American Idol and Joe Millionaire. I have my life back!! Thanks, common sense ;)
  • (said in the Superman I voice of the elders convicting the 3 criminals to a life on a sheet of plexiglass hurtling through space)

    Zora has to be the one, and I concur, she's the only one who could handle him being "poor" (in quotes, because I don't believe for a moment that he's all that poor, or that they'd let him and his choice be "poor", they'll give them a million or something).

    And excuse me for using harsh language, but I fucking HATE Melissa. "...I can change that." Dope. I was yelling at the TV "No! Wrong! And if you wanna change him, you'll have a horrible life!"

    I was surprised he let Mojo go, though, because she was way hotter than Melissa and at least into him for who he was (or his money, I don't think it really matters that much to the women). But I did say last night and agreed with the morning show I was listening to this morning that he had to kiss her to shut her up.

    Now that I'm done with my Joe Millionaire dissertation for the week, I'll go back to my other hobbies of rocket science and brain surgery.

  • and when i do, it's usually cartoon network. once in a while it's comedy central. i probably only watch 2 or 3 hours of tv in any given week.

    i just can't think of a good way to bring reality television to cartoon network.
  • We don't get Joe Millionaire over here in the UK, and to be honest I'm not particularly unhappy about this fact. Frankly, we have enough home-grown reality TV shows as it is, without taking on everyone else's!

    Of course, since we foisted 'The Weakest Link' and 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' on the rest of the world, we in the UK can't really preach on the subject of reality TV... :)

  • hehehe... I think I have an explanation for all the sex stuff on Joe Millionaire...

    It's Fox... not really well known for for having moral tv shows. I don't watch anything on Fox, as I think they are disgusting...

    This Story [] posted on [] tells about how Sarah was once a star in some films with memerable titles titles such as:Hogtied or Helpless Heroines

    • Does anyone else find it odd that Fox is both the network that isn't well known for having moral television shows, but you would think fox news was ordained to portray the news to the conservative faithful? That has always stuck in my mind as odd.
      • Well, I would think it would have something to do with the stereotype that Republicans never get any "ack-she-own", and would therefore need an outlet for their curiosity, hence the lascivious shows on Fox network. I mean, really, what with Married...With Children and the Simpsons, Republicans would just laugh at the poor, stupid families. Democrats would be outraged, because they would want to help raise them out of poverty, send them to school on the state's dime and educate themselves.

        Oh, forgot to give you this grain of salt. Here. Take it.

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