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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Webmail? 13

Sendmail works for me, currently, but I'd like to look into using a web mail server.

What I'd like to have is something widely used, can get spam filtering plugged in (I can't, for the life of me, get spamassassin to work with sendmail), and I'd like it configurable so that I can keep my current aliases working, and, by default, automatically put all messages marked as spam, into a folder that can be erased without even viewing the subjects.

A nice bonus feature would be to have the filtering built in, so you can just hit a 'this is spam' link when opening up mail and it'll automagically add it to the spam algorithm/blocked addresses.

So, anything remotely close to this description out there?

Another thing to keep in mind: I'm a coder, not a sysadmin, so I am a bit ignorant when dealing with sendmail and other configuration issues.
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  • If you find a good solution, post it. I'm digging for the same type of thing.
  • by slothdog ( 3329 )
    My ISP uses IMP [], which works very nicely. It has a "Report As Spam" link for every message, although I really don't know what it does on the sysadmin end when someone clicks it....
  • That's what I use []. Works really fine, and I just discovered it has spam filters (due to false positives!).

    So check out OpenWebmail []. I like it and it was really easy to setup (on BSD, don't know for Linux).

  • Try squirrelmail []. It's reasonably popular, has a very active developer community, a nice plugin architecture, etc.

    And now I must wait two minutes before clicking 'submit', thanks to this rather pointless post [] made in another tab.

    Not quite 2 minutes. blah, blah, blah.
  • Well, there's your problem. Try Postfix or Exim, and make sure procmail is up to date.

    I not only used spamassassin, but also tied in a relatively large procmail script to disable javascript and email worms without stopping delivery. MIMEDefang can do similar tricks.

    Finally, there's webmail. For that, I used IMP, available at It's big, it's a bit of a pain at first, but once it's running, it's wonderful, and even a cinch to update.

  • It's a piece of crap. Don't believe me? Take it from the resident Linux fanatics [].
    • thanks for the link. I was seriously considering it (seeing as two people suggested it), but I'll look more towards squirrel now...
    • IMP is a sinch to install and easily the most configurable w3mailer of them all. I've got it setup for several thousand users, and it works quite well. Also Rasmus [the guy who created PHP] uses it as his primary mailer and IMP had no problem with his 26 THOUSAND e.mails in his inbox [he was showing it off at USENIX back in May].

      IMP's documentation is very well laid out, and installation takes about 10 minutes max. I'm both a sysadmin and hacker [over 14 years of both] and I found IMP to be simple to install and configure. YMMV.


  • works fine with Sendmail, and imap servers.. (which you will need)

    Also, why not use spamassassin with procmail?
  • My ISP uses it and I really like it.
    I've been tempted to try and set it up just to get my hands dirty.
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