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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Physicist Humor

Memepool has a funny meme about physicists' humor (since memepool is dynamic, here's the meme):

Who says physicists don't have a sense of humor? (albeit an obscure one) In addition to the well-known whimsical naming of "quarks", physicsts seem to go out of their way to make jokes in the titles of their papers. Late nights in the lab have spanwed such smirking titles as Raiders of the Lost AdS, Brane New World (by Stephen Hawking, no less), *-Wars Episode I: The Phantom Anomaly, *-Trek III: The Search for Ramond-Ramond Couplings, How Bob Laughlin Tamed the Giant Graviton from Taub-NUT space, Curvature Singularities: The Good, the Bad and the Naked, Don't Panic! Closed String Tachyons in ALE Spacetimes and Invasion of the Giant Gravitons from Anti-de Sitter Space. The grandaddy of all this goofing around might be the 1931 "spoof paper" (co-written by Nobel Prize winner Hans Bethe) "Remarks on the quantum theory of the absolute zero of temperature", which poked fun at numerology and fellow physics giant Arthur Eddington's well-known obsession with the number 137. (I told you the humor was obscure).

Those crazy scientists!
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Physicist Humor

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