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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Slashdot is getting to me... 5

From the "Shh... Hemos has a big computer he'll gloat about and plug thinkgeek" article, to todays article that is "*BSD is dying" variation with Slackware. I'm sick of this garbage.
I've submitted a ton of good articles on a slow story day to be rejected. I'm not upset with that (its normal), but I am sick of the articles that are making headlines. Also the "pause" after you submit a post, but you still can see the ad banner.

Ad pauses + OSDN plugs? It almost appears that VA Software (heh, big blurb on that at the bottom) is trying to make /. more profitable.

Seems like VA is controlling the authors, also. Look at the censoring job they're doing (worse than normal). YRO people are censoring AC's pretty hard. And the -1 trolls are pretty non-existant. Now, sure we all hate seeing the ASCII art and the goatse links, but its free speech that is being impeded; by people that "supposedly" believe in it, also.

Now about VA "Software". Look at the blurb about being booted by OSDN. Roblimo states that OSDN is getting into their "grassroots" of Open Source Software and Linux. That doesn't fit with Kuro5hin. ***BUT*** VA "Linux" is changing to VA "Software" and start concentrating on software, eventually switching to commercial software (read: closed source). Its the only way they can start making profits.

It appears that VA Linux, OSDN, and our beloved Slashdot have become nothing more than a large, hypocritical, corporation. Ever read "Animal Farm"? Its a parallel to the bolshevic (sp?) revolution. How to make the world "open" to the common man. But once communism took over, everyone found that the communists were just like the monarchy.

Slashdot, your becoming (trying to become) your arch-enemy.

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How could I forget Jon Katz?!?!
Simple to explain:
Take a subject that's been around for years.
It pops up again in the present.
He realizes it for the first time.
He gives it a buzzword, adds "technology" to it, and Whammo! a Jon Katz article.
Lets not forget that he knows nothing about technology, and trys preaching to an audience that he has not way of communicating with.
Why don't I just add him to my ignore list?
There are a few articles I enjoy (voices from the Hellmouth), and I keep hoping something like that'll pop up again (in vain, mind you).
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Slashdot is getting to me...

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