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Journal FortKnox's Journal: The NFL Postseason Picks 11

I'm glad I didn't make any picks for last week, cause I would have done terribly.

But here are my predictions starting this week:
Steelers at Titans: The Steelers have been on a roll, and will be able to score a few times on the Titans, but the Titans won't be able to score on the Steelers. It will be a low scoring game, but I think Pittsburgh has the advantage. Pittsburgh by 2

Jets at Raiders: This will be a tough matchup. As a Steelers fan, I'd rather play the Raiders than the Jets. The Jets offense has more (yes MORE) offensive weapons than the raiders. Both have great defenses. I'm picking another upset here. New York by 3

AFC Championship
Jets at Steelers: Yes, I'm going to pick against my team. The Jets are what the Eagles were in the beginning: Hot and unstoppable. New York by 4

49ers at Bucs: The 49ers barely handled the Giants D, how do you think they'll handle the Buc's #1 D? Tampa Bay by 6

Falcons at Eagles: Rusty QB, and a blitzing D. What is the risk of the blitz? If the QB gets free, he has more blockers than tacklers, or the screen. Vick and Dunn can make it happen on O. Its all about how the Atlanta D holds up. I'm calling yet another upset. Atlanta by 1

NFC Championship
Falcons at Bucs: Couldn't make it happen during the season, won't make it happen in the post season. Vick has the disadvantage of playing a team that's in his division and knows how to contain him. Tampa Bay by 6

Bucs vs Jets: The Bucs D will do well against the Jets O, but the Jets will still produce points. The Bucs O will do nothing against the Jets D. The Superbowl goes to the Jets by 3
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The NFL Postseason Picks

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  • I'm so angry about the Giants losing I still can't really talk about it.

    And the retardo Patriots couldn't even make it to the playoffs.

    So, um, go Jets, I guess.

    • Cheer for the Steelers then! We could always use another fan. I'll even send you a spare terrible towel if you want one :-D
      • Thanks, but I'll pass. I'm not really a big Pittsburgh fan...

        I do actually have an official terrible towel, although it's for hockey. :) I was in town when they were playing the Leafs...what was that, 3 years ago now? Back when everyone was calling them the Portland Penguins, 'cause that's where they were going. (I was rootin' for the Leafs, too!)

      • I'm hoping the Steelers can pull it off. I doubt they will, but you never know. Anyway, I was just happy they beat the Browns!!!! I HATE the browns (mainly because of Browns fans that I know)
      • What Pittsburgh folks call Terrible Towels, the rest of the world calls yellow toilet paper.

        Sundays' games were super-exciting and seeing as how fantasy football owns my allegiance, I don't have a favorite team, so I'm just out to see good games.

        I will say that Herm Edwards, coach of the Jets, gives the best interviews in the free world.

        J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS!
    • by sulli ( 195030 )
      Niners v Raiders baby!
  • AFC
    Steelers at Titans: I like Tommy Maddox and the Steelers have definitely improved over the entire season. However, the Titans are just plain better. I think McNair has finally matured into the QB everyone thought he would be. Titans by 10.

    Jets at Raiders: Plain and simple, Raiders are good. Very good. Lots of offensive weapons (at least 2 hall of famers) and the league MVP. I have no doubt that the Raiders will score on the Jets Defense. At the same time, consider the firepower that the Jets are packing and the fact that the Raiders secondary is hurting big time. Jets by 3.

    AFC Championship
    Jets at Titans: Plain and simple: Jets are HOT. Jets by 2.

    49ers at Bucs: Nothing to say here except I hope Jeff Garcia like the taste of grass. Sapp and Rice will have their way with him all day long. Bucs by 10.

    Falcons at Eagles: "Rusty QB" or not, McNabb is AWESOME. Eagles are just too damn good at finding ways to win. I don't think the Falcons win over GB was much to sheer about, because GB just didn't show. Eagles by 7.

    NFC Championship
    Bucs at Eagles: Wow... McNabb vs Rice and Sapp. Hope that ankle is strong. Eagles by 1.

    Eagles vs Jets: All East Coast Superbowl (ya think ratings will dip like the World Series?). Two very dynamic and very hot teams. I have been impressed with the Eagles all year... and I have to go with them now: Eagles by 7.
  • FYI (Score:2, Interesting)

    by DaytonCIM ( 100144 )
    Howie Long was on ESPN radio this morning and said he believes McNabb is only limping when the cameras are on him. :) Hehe...
  • What is the risk of the blitz? If the QB gets free, he has more blockers than tacklers, or the screen.

    So true, however, the Eagles blitzing typically consists of 'zone' or package blitzes and not your standard 'red dog' variety.
    This is why it's so confusing to most QBs.
    But it's funny you mention this. There's an excellent analysis of Blitz Theory by the Tuesday Morning Quarterback on ESPN.com.

    As for my predictions:
    Jets v. Raiders --> Jets
    Steelers v. Titans --> Steelers (but this is close, I think Cowher might get his team up at just the right time.)
    Jets v. Steelers --> Jets. Sorry.

    Falcons v. Eagles --> Eagles.
    Bucs v. 49ers --> 49ers (While TB has a great defense, they have NO offense. Period. You can't win if you can't score.)
    49ers v. Eagles --> Eagles

    Jets v. Eagles --> Eagles. Chad won't know where he'll be hit from next.

    Yes, I am an Eagles fan and no, I don't expect anything mystical from McNabb, but their 3rd string QB went 4-1 down the stretch. And McNabb can throw the ball. See his Cardinals game for reference.
    • I see all your points except TB beating the 49ers. TB hasn't ever had an O, but their D either gets them in good position or scores for them. And TB can contain Owens for most of the game (no one can contain him ALL of the game), and SF relies on him (considering they won't be able to run again TB at all), and so I see TB still winning this one, but losing to Philly (but beat Atlanta if they win).
      • The one factor that may change things is that Garcia is a running QB (TMQ actually gets into this).
        I'd be inclined to say TB, but I'm wondering if they don't have something going on in the back of their heads. Their pass rush is great, but how many sacks did Strahan get last weekend? None.
        Their linebacker coverage is not that strong.
        And SF is feeling it as a unit.
        Of course, against them, they just had a huge, tough emotional victory at home. Never bodes well for the road.
        And Mooch is getting a ton of questions about his future.
        TBs inability to light it up and the 49ers ability to hang and finish are definitely going to make it interesting.
        And if it comes down to Grammatica having to kick the game winner, I'm definitely going AGAINST the Squared Sevens...
        FWIW, I agree with your assessment of possible NFC Championships.

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