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Journal FortKnox's Journal: My Server 8

I think I've finally decided what I'm going to do with my server (webpage wise).

I'm taking PHPNuke down, and will make a new site with J2EE (open sourced, of course). I'm going to gear it as a site for friends and family.

I also have a few pics of Joey online. Email me if you are interested in seeing them.
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My Server

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  • Nice little project. Hehe, if only I had the time and courage to start something like that.
    Hope you have a nice little server, because I don't think my "servers" (P166 class machines, with 128Meg RAM) are going to live long under the load of Tomcat and the likes ;-)
  • by glh ( 14273 ) finally getting a face lift :)

    Well let me know if I can help out. I'm not much into J2EE but if you want to run some .NET stuff I could definitely lend you a hand.. (actually, mono's is now working on linux with apache so you could do a little with that if you wanted)

    What kind of functionality are you planning on adding? I think a "photo album" would be cool. Something where you could easily browse and attach an image and it would automatically catalog itself and display how/where you wanted it. (Good for kid pictures) . I think journal functionality similar to slashdot would also be neat.. basically each friend could have their own "portal" for others to look at, and more than just JE's (images, sound bytes, etc.) I'm sure some FK fans would be interested in helping and using it. Plus, we'd probably feel safer posting to something like that as opposed to something as scary as slashdot (well maybe).

    Step 3.. Profit!

    Just kidding :) At least those are some ideas ..
  • Your site looks interesting. In case you're interested, I've experimented a bit on making different layouts work with phpnuke. There is an example in the Red Naranja site [] I made for a friend. You can strip the extra columns and stick it in a floating frame and the result looks nifty (and is updatable). And I'm still working on it, so please forgive the remaining details.

    Now, for my shameless plug: I have been working for the last few weeks on getting my site online, too. I'm gearing it toward showing off any work I do/pictures I take. Part of the project is starting a weekly online comic strip (first one already in there). Basically trolling for jobs =). There's only the spanish version right now (english should be up by tomorrow unless my plans get diverted by friends with beers this afternoon). I plan on using my .sig and journal to announce new stuff going in there. If you want to take a look, the site is []. The first strip is here []. It's been lots of fun, but a lot of work too. I hope to have more stuff soon and then I'll make an anouncement.

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