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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Thanks Grandma, EB, Nintendo! 24

Well, my wife notice the drool come down my mouth when I watched the commercial for Metroid Prime. I was a metriod-a-holic when I was a kid (still play it with an NES emulator). I always wished another one would come out, and it did. Problem? Well, I had no plans on getting any of the next generation consoles (especially because of their price). I only have a dreamcast (and I got my sisters playstation 1), and just because I enjoy playing football games on the consoles (tons better than any computer football game I've played). Plus the cost for Joey, and saving money for the house... I just gave up part of my gamer side.

Then, yesterday, my wife got a letter from her grandmother and great aunt. They both always saved, never had debt, and just collected a ton of money, and are just giving it out to their grandkids by the handful. And we got a large check. My wife called me up, and we talked about it. I checked out the mall EB, and they had a deal:
Trade in any older console, and 15 games, and get $100 off a gamecube.
So, I got out the PSX my sister gave me... but only 11 games. So I went to eb, bought 4 $5 games, and voila, $100 off my gamecube. But, instead of the $150 gamecube, I went with the $190 gamecube bundled with mario sunshine (for the wife) and a memory card (which I'll need with metriod), and I picked up metroid. So I got a Gamecube, two games, and a memory card for $160. Not bad, eh? Wait, there's more. Because I bought it at the time (think it expires today or tomorrow), there was 2 $25 rebates. So I will have all that I bought for $110.

The only issue? My boss has an X-Box, and Ghost Recon. He's been spending weeks trying to get me an X-Box (with X-Box live) for Christmas, so we can team up (with other guys on my project) against other people in online play.
One more issue. I gotta wait until my wife 'gives' it to me for Christmas, so I won't be able to explain how great Metroid Prime is until I get it (BTW - I saw Metriod Fusion for the gameboy advanced, and it looks KILLER).

Anyway, thanks to grandma, EB, Nintendo, and, of course, my wife.
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Thanks Grandma, EB, Nintendo!

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  • That's a helluva good deal (I appreciate that Nintendo at least has the base price of their console $50 cheaper than the others). I'm planning on shelling out for Metroid Fusion today. It looks pretty boss.

    When are we getting an updated version of Kid Icarus?
    • Did you see the screens for the new zelda? I don't really like it. Making it seem to comic-y. Not like the N64 versions. Thats kinda flat, but I'll still buy it for the plot (and you get a bonus disk with Ocarina of time on it).
      • The only reason I bought the GameCube was for the new zelda. I was very disapointed that it looks like a sat. morning cartoon. I don't know if I'm going to buy it now...might just rent it for a weekend.
      • Ack. Yeah, I saw 'em. It looks very well animated though, even if it does look silly. I'd give it a chance just because it's a Zelda game (curse them and their good reputation!)

        Is the Ocarnia of Time updated with anything new or is it the same one? I'm playing through it (emulated) right now. It's great.
      • Disclosure: I am an N64 owner and a PS2 owner (great wedding gift from friends).

        I loved Ocarina for the 64- fun puzzles, great stuff all around.

        I took one look at Zelda for the Cube- and I wanted it (but I'm sticking with the PS2, cuz I still haven't finished GTA3- mostly because I don't want it to end). Yes, I like the cartoon-y style (or "steeze", as they say on the street). Yes, its a radical departure but I think its an appropriate angle.

        1) Zelda *NEVER* gave it up to Link. The man saves her time and time again, and she can't even kiss him! Whats with that?! At least in cartoons your not expected to get any. ;)

        2) The Gamecube is family oriented- the older kids and dad are gonna play it becuase its LINK, man! But the younger kids will be tricked by this cartoony interface, and they will get hooked on RPGs at an early age. Teh Gode!

        3) Game physics- think of all the neat-o cool things your character will be able to do with the physics warp that is cartoons!

        Don't think of it as saturday morning Merry Melodies, think of it as mature Anime.

        4) Moving away from polygon count is Teh Gode. Because its a trap. And many people and retro-gamers (who are not people) complain that all new games are just polygon counts and no game play. So this takes the focus to a different place.
        So all you people who bitch about Quake, et. al., shut your pie hole and play Zelda. Bitches.
        • 1) Zelda *NEVER* gave it up to Link. The man saves her time and time again, and she can't even kiss him! Whats with that?! At least in cartoons your not expected to get any. ;)

          At the end of Zelda II: The adventures of link, Link wakes up Zelda, she stands next to him, the curtain lowers (but you see their legs), and you see her lean into him for a hug or kiss. So, you can assume that he's at least gotten a hug ;-)
  • I've had a GCN for a while - mostly for Super Monkey Ball. My wife plays Animal Crossing. But come Christmas I'm going to be playing Metroid - even if I have to buy it myself that morning.
  • ...I ended up spending the entire weekend in front of the TV trying to cleanup the island. At first, it feels kind of strange, but I couldn't put the controller down.

    I'd also recommend Animal Crossing if you like the Sims. Just make sure you buy the big memory card for it. It will use an entire 59 block card for it's data.
  • What is the best console system out there these days anyway? Xbox, PS2, or Gamecube?

    I'm likely to get one one of these days, but I'm not a gamer and so I don't follow it very closely.
    • Okay, I'm not touching that with a ten foot pole.
    • Heh, that's like asking slashdot what the best distro is.

      First of all, the Gamecube is more family oriented and has more 'kiddie' type games. Their audience is all ages.
      PS2 and XBox are more for teenagers and up (Grand theft Auto, Ghost recon, etc...).

      There are 'major titles' that all the consoles share (like the lord of the rings game, sports games, etc...), and each system has its own games that are key to what you like. Nintendo has Zelda and Metroid, XBox has Halo and the mech game (complete with a full major controller, and the whole game costs $200!!), and PS2 has lotsa the RPGs (plus backward compatability, so you can play PS1 games with it).

      All of them have online capabilities, all of them run DVDs.

      So, what you should do, is go to a video game store, check out the games that are solely for one system, and determine which you'd like to buy.

      Also, the PS2 and XBox run $200, and the Gamecube is $150 (but the games for all three systems are almost all $50).
    • I got "burned" by the 64. Yeah, the 64 was super cool and great, but I ended up playing my friends playstation a lot more (and whining about the graphics).

      Once I found out the gamecube was focused for the family, I tuned out. True- I will miss Zelda and Metroid Prime (until I get a gamecube emulator for my 10 Peta-Hz distributed Risc optical computer 10 years from now)- they are very strong draws... but I'm very happy with the PS2.

      I thought I'd be down with on-line play (and PS2 had that first with Tony Hawk) but I realize that I want to have a life outside of gaming. And if I had the network adapter my wife would never see me. Nor would my boss. Nor would the sun.

    • Depends on what kind of games you like/want/need. We have a PS2 and a Cube. If you already have a backlog of PS1 games, you have the backward compatibility angle. Either way, you get a way bigger catalog with one of those choices.

      Saw somewhere recently the Xbox referred to as a 'Halo Emulation System'. Take that as you wish. ;) Some people swear by them, some at them.
  • Must be nice to have a grandmother who acknowledges your existence.

    Congrats. Sounds like a great deal for everyone involved. FWIW, I'm looking at the ads for 'Splinter Cell' and thinking it looks pretty kick ass. But, instead, I picked up Freedom Force for $20 yesterday.
    • But, instead, I picked up Freedom Force for $20 yesterday.

      Hey can you journal how that is once you try it out, or just let me know? It's coming for OS X soonish, and I was thinking of grabbing it.
      • I wasn't super impressed with the demo for the PC, but for $20, who cares? Will write something once I get it installed. Hopefully tonight, but there's a 2 hour episode of Firefly (I think). Yup. Will mention it.

  • metroid prime is hella cool.

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