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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Week 16 Picks 4

Sorry about missing last week. Was a short week with lotsa critical bugs I needed to fix.

Colts at Titans A game for the top in the AFC south. I think the Colts have the edge, but the Titans have been knocking down opponents well, and Jevon Kearse looks like he may play. Tennessee by 1

Rams at Chiefs Jamie Martin at QB, Marshall Faulk is banged up. Rams have a good secondary, but can they stop Priest? Kansas City by 7

Bills at Pats First time, it was for Drew, and they failed miserably. This time its for playoff hopes, and they are humbled. Buffalo by 1

49ers at Cowboys The cowboys just aren't this year. Maybe next year. San Fran by 10

Texans at Steelers I am so confident at the return of Tommy gun, he's starting in all my leagues (over Bledsoe AND Brady). I hope Kris Brown has 5 FG attempts and misses them all. Heinz Field welcomes you back, Kris... Pittsburgh by 14

Falcons at Bucs Can the stingy Buc defense contain Vick? Can the terrible Bucs O score without the D giving them field position? Vick doesn't give up the ball, so it'll be a low scoring game. He'll slip by just once, but it'll be enough. Atlanta by 3

Giants at Skins Giants play well against mediocre teams. New York by 3

Bengals at Panthers Kitna has played well. Too bad the Bungles just know how to screw up at the worse time. MIKE BROWN MUST STEP DOWN (from the GM spot). Carolina by 3

Browns at Jags Browns need to bounce back from an embarassing Panthers loss. Cleveland by 3

Saints at Ravens N'awlins is looking at the postseason, and the Ravens are in the way. New Orleans by 7

Lions at Cardinals The cardinals have no offense. Marty needs to do something after defering the won coin toss in overtime (the -only- time I see that being valid is if your defense keeps turning over the ball). Detroit by 3

Eagles at Seahawks The eagles need to fall back to earth. Their blitzing defense is what's keeping them alive. Hasselbeck is extremely accurate, but the seattle D is all injured. Philly by 7

Raiders at Chargers This will be a fantastic game. Can Oakland keep winning? I don't think Brees will have a good game against the stout Raider secondary (all healthy). So the game is LT vs the mad trio of Brown, Rice, and Porter. I give it to the old men. Oakland by 3

Broncos at Jets Have the Broncos played a good game since the bye week? At least Griese gets his shot to solidify his position. Denver by 1

Vikings at Packers Can you taste it? Revenge? Brett Favre can. It'll be 50 to nothing in the second quarter, and he won't stop with the 2 minute drill. If any game has a team going into triple digits, this is the one. Green Bay by 50... ok, seriously now Green Bay by 14

Bears at Dolphins The Bears still have a little promise, and have that 'fourth quarter juice' they always had. But the Fins are just too much for them. Miami by 6
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Week 16 Picks

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  • Because he's President of the Bengals as well, right? So he can be blamed for the horrible FO decisions they have made (e.g. going for loyalty, not quality in terms of personnel, not getting more than one damn scout). Can't the other owners vote him out or something?
  • Colts at Titans
    Sorry FK... Colts are going to take the AFC south.
    Colts by 3

    Rams at Chiefs
    Wow... who would have thought this would be a meaningless game...?
    KC by 7

    Bills at Pats
    At the Patriots? Brady steps again and smacks the Bills.
    New England by 7

    49ers at Cowboys
    Straight up beating.
    9ers by 14

    Texans at Steelers
    Tommy will throw for 300+ on the soft Texan D and Da Bus will rush for 100+.
    Pitt by 14

    Falcons at Bucs
    Mr. Vick, the Buc Dline. Buc Dline, Mr. Vick. Let the games begin. I can't wait to watch Sapp, McFarland, Rice, and Brooks confuse the hell out of Vick and sack him 3 times. Low score...
    Bucs by 3

    Giants at Skins
    Yawn... Skins can not win 2 weeks in a row.
    Giants by 7.

    Bengals at Panthers
    Yawn, part 2.
    Carolina by 3

    Browns at Jags
    Yawn, part 3.
    Cleveland by 3

    Saints at Ravens
    Aaron Brooks is beginning to look consistant... Ravens are done.
    Saints by 7.

    Lions at Cardinals
    Yawn, part 4.
    Tigers over the DiamondBacks by 7. :)

    Eagles at Seahawks
    Ouch. Seahawks just flat out suck. Alexander will make a valiant effort to rush against a stellar Eagles defense...
    Eagles by 14

    Raiders at Chargers
    Get your geritol out... Chargers have dreams of playing at home for the SuperBowl... not gonna happen. The Geritol gang is AWESOME! Gannon reminds me of Montana the way he leads on the field... and Rice is the best damn receiver EVER TO PLAY IN THE NFL! Sidenote: Porter would be All-Pro if he wasn't playing with Rice and Brown. :)
    Oak Town by 14

    Broncos at Jets
    Well, we know weather won't play a part in this game. Griese and Sharpe are back, but are they at full health? Portis is still playing well above rookie/newbie status. Jets are coming off a heart-breaking at Oakland (and contrary to popular belief, the Jets handed that game to Oaktown.) Lastly, winner of this game stays in contention for the playoffs... losers start planning for 2003.
    Jets by 3

    Vikings at Packers
    Revenge? I don't know. I think you may see some different looks from the Packers offense and defense. Remember they're in the playoffs.
    Packers by 14

    Bears at Dolphins
    Bears... Bears... Hopefully someone in the front office has figured out that the Bears desperately need a QB! And there are at least 3 quality QBs coming out of the NCAA in this year's draft.
    Dolphins by 7
    • I got two words for you: Ladanian Tomlinson

      If the Charger linebackers don't give up any YAC, LT will provide all the O we need. And your geritol boys will be looking for some ben-gay.

  • He obviously wasn't ready to play. He mucked that game up pretty good.

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