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Journal FortKnox's Journal: What is the best part of Thanksgiving? 34

Sorry to make this so US-centric, but what's the best part of the Thanksgiving feast?

I ABSOLUTELY love sweet potato souffle/cassarole/etc... Its like a desert as a side dish. I get two thanksgiving meals this thursday (yeah, I stopped eating today to prepare) ;-). My brother & sister-in-law are having their meal in the middle afternoon. My sisterIL's mother makes a KILLER sweet potato cassarole (in fact, I told them I'm not coming unless she makes it). THEN, I am eating thanksgiving dinner at my motherIL/fatherIL's house later that evening, and my MotherIL makes a GREAT sweet potato souffle!

If I turn orange, I'll take pictures ;-)
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What is the best part of Thanksgiving?

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  • by daoine ( 123140 ) <[moruadh1013] [at] []> on Tuesday November 26, 2002 @02:09PM (#4760305)

    You know, the little white roots that look like carrots but taste about thirty million times better?

  • by glh ( 14273 ) on Tuesday November 26, 2002 @02:14PM (#4760355) Homepage Journal
    In past years, the best part used to be laying down and falling into a food coma while half watching the lions lose the football game.

    Now days I don't have that luxury! This year we are visiting both sets of in-laws (approximately 2 hours per visit) and then heading to Columbus around 5-ish. The nice thing is, there is a lot more food to try. The down side is, it's going to be more rush-rush. I bet my favorite part will be when we finally arrive in Columbus and I can collapse on the couch and watch whatever DVD my parents ended up getting.
  • by leviramsey ( 248057 ) on Tuesday November 26, 2002 @02:24PM (#4760435) Journal

    ...kill the Lions in their throwback uniforms with "minuteman taking a crap and snapping the turd" helmets.

  • That's the best. Oh, the food coma followed by a daily dose of football is nice and all that, but since I hate the Cowgirls, and the Lions just suck, the day after turkey samiches are the best.

    A little lettuce, some spicy mustard, mayo, and some cheddar-jack cheese with thick chunks of turkey cannot be beat.

  • From a non-food standpoint, the nice thing is that besides eating, there's not a whole hell of a lot else that you are supposed to do on Thanksgiving. And there's usually some decent TV on. (Too bad there's no more Turkey Day MST3k marathons though.)

    So if you like your family enough then you're in good shape. But if not... then you're screwed, I guess.
    • OH, how I miss the MST3k marathons! I wish someone would get me the shows on DVD [] for Christmas!

      But other than Mike Nelson, crow, tom servo and the gang, I guess I would have to say breads are my favorite part. I like turkey and ham and all the vegetables, but if you told me I could only eat 1 thing on Thanksgiving, it would be breads. Rolls, stuffing, dressing, biscuits... Mmmm. My next favorite would probably be Pumpkin pie.

  • And Football.
    I think Detroit may have a surprise or 2 for the Patsies.
  • My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is not the food, but our annual family Bocci []
    Ball tournament.
    • Being italian, I must nitpick.

      Bocci (not bawchee, bow (as in bow-and-arrow) chay. Bow chay) is italian for 'ball'. The game is called Bocci, not Bocci Ball (ball ball?) ;-)

      Yeah, I'm fighting the whole nation with that, but its one of my pet peeves.
      • You may nitpick. I am Italian as well and for the sake of the non-Italian /. readers I added the ball to Bocci. :)

        It is funny to hear it called "Bocci Ball," because it's like hearing someone say Baseball ball or Football ball. At least I did not refer to it as "lawn bowling"! What the hell is that?

  • When you're used to Jewish holidays -- up to a week of arcane rules and restrictions and ceremonies -- Thanksgiving is astonishing in its simplicity. I don't need to take days off work, eat and sleep outside, buy special food or an expensive Biblical lemon that only grows in Israel? I can put the turkey in the oven, bake a pie, drink beer and watch football?

    Well, that and also pumpkin pie.

  • for me, it's the winning combination of sloth and gluttony. it's so nice to have a day set aside for nothing but laziness.
  • Mmmm, tasty, after the great game against St Louis Sunday!
  • ...for those of us outside the US, at any rate, is that most Stateside news sites lie semi-idle over Thanksgiving.

    In fact they do that every holiday you guys have over there, which seems to be quite a few more than us over here in the UK. Bastards! :)

    (Some people who are less charitable that I would suggest a day less of, say, Dave Coursey over at ZDNet is a very good thing indeed. Me, I just read it for the laughts (at his expense...))
  • Triple the quantity of clove, ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg in the standard recipe. I'm making about 12 pies, and will be eating them breakfast lunch and dinner for a week. Yum. Fresh whipped cream. Yum.
    • I despise pumpkin pie with a long and bitter passion. When I was a kid, my parents would make pumpkin pies out of our Halloween pumpkins. There were seven kids, and we each made our own Jack O'Lantern. One medium sized Halloween pumpkin makes 7-12 pies. One year we had 72 12" pies. Bleah! We ate pumpkin pie every day until Easter. Result: I hate pumpkin pie.
      • I'm sorry to hear that. That sounds so gross, that you've almost turned me off of pumpkin pie.

        However, my mom makes good pumpkin pie, & cranberry loaf. She makes it so rarely that it grieves me to no end to see her just give it away or take it to a special event. Seeing those pies [or cranberry loaf] make someone else happy is like watching your wife commit adultery. The food is that good.

        I think pumpkin pie is a good thing. Therefore I hope that your tastes change so that you can eat them if you so desire. I doubt that they will, though.
  • Sitting on my ass all day, not going to work, and still coding.

    God, I suck.
  • .. the FOOD!!
  • Its not as traditional as turkey, but MMMMMMMM theyre good.
    Oh and FX is having a buffy marathon, so now I have something to watch while eating thanksgiving dinner alone
  • turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes.


    I've been trying to convince my folks to make a turducken []. So far, no luck.
  • How much weight do you think you'll gain from having those 2 dinners? ;)

    Personally, I think I'm good for about 5-7 pounds :)
    (to hell with it though, it's all worth it! LOL :P )

  • Leftovers (Score:3, Interesting)

    by perfessor multigeek ( 592291 ) <{pmultigeek} {at} {}> on Friday November 29, 2002 @01:08AM (#4778464) Homepage Journal
    Weeks of turkey sandwiches, stuffing reconfigured to my ever-changing specs, and so on.
    All of which is making me crazy as this year for the first time I didn't go ANYWHERE or get together with anybody. Grrrrr. (usual T-Day folks cancelled, another invite would have meant lobster for dinner which is just wrong, and so on).
    What does it all mean? More reason to have another excellent Thanksgiving next year to go with the thirty-plus I've already had.
    Which takes me to my real answer: knowing that no matter how insane my life may be and have been, I actually *do* have an enormous amount to be thankful for.
    Hungry, planning this weekend's search for pumpkin pie, but still thankful,

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