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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Why Laptop Cooling Is Important!! 14

A 50 year old english scientist learned an important lesson in laptop cooling systems, when he was writing a report on his lap for about an hour and felt a burning sensation. It appears that his laptop had burned his penis. The laptop manual warned about putting the laptop on exposed skin, but the man was fully clothed. Yeouch!

Addendum: I submitted it, but got rejected. Guess a little too much info...
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Why Laptop Cooling Is Important!!

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  • uhhh (Score:3, Funny)

    by Flamesplash ( 469287 ) on Friday November 22, 2002 @11:30AM (#4732065) Homepage Journal
    I have a feeling that if he smelt it before he felt it then it should really matter that his penis is less usable.
  • its one thing to be playing with some flames while naked and you burn your penis. Everybody does that. Or 'accidentally' touching some hot metal with your member. Who hasn't done that?!

    But this man is obviously drunk, a sicko, or both.
  • by John Harrison ( 223649 ) <> on Friday November 22, 2002 @12:19PM (#4732326) Homepage Journal
    My Thinkpad doesn't get too hot, but my mother-in-law has a wooden tray that she uses to protect her lap from her Titanium PowerBook. I could see the PowerBook burning someone, it gets really hot.

    • I have a tiBook 800, and yup.. it does get HOT. Sometimes I will surf around while in bed and as long as I don't set the thing flat on a surface (like a pillow) it's usually ok. Even sitting on my lap, as long as it can breath it doesn't 'burn' me.

      This guy must of been working that thing up pretty good.. and I seriously wonder how it could burn his penis through the clothing without seriously burning up his legs?
  • Rejected... (Score:1, Offtopic)

    by wheany ( 460585 )
    I submitted it, but got rejected. Guess a little too much info...
    Or maybe because it resembles a little-more-imaginative-than-average crapflood...
  • Saw this story this morning at The Register []. Source of the story is a letter in the Lancet, the journal of the British medical profession.

    The scary part - the gentleman in question was fully clothed, and had the laptop on his lap for one hour.

    The make and model of the laptop involved are not known...
    • The make and model of the laptop involved are not known...

      I'm guessing because nobody will pickit up to read find out what it is.

      I mean, would you pick up an evil penis burning laptop?

    • It is/was a Dell laptop. The doctor quoted the manual about putting the laptop on bare skin. I googled the exact wording he used and found that the Dell laptops have that exact wording in their manuals.

      "Dude, you're gettin' a blister!"


  • What was he looking at?

    Are we sure that the burns were caused by the laptop. It's possible that they could have been friction burns...

  • my laptop gets VERY hot, particularly when the wireless NIC is in use. It's really quite shocking that it generates this much heat. The most surprising thing is that the internal fans rarely turn on, particularly when it's on battery power. I wonder if there's a way to make the fans' temperature threshnold lower so that the laptop doesn't accumulate so much heat.

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