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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Parental Tip #475 13

Amoxicillin kills bacteria. Including the "good" bacteria in your digestive system. This means messy, nasty, and RANK diaper changes. Fool your significant other into changing the diaper.

My technique, when I know Joey's dirty, is to get my wife to hold him (fake that you need to do something real quick, like having to go to the bathroom, so she won't sit and think why she needs to hold him, she just does it). Leave the room for a few minutes, she smells it and changes it, and you survived the diaper change. FYI - this works maybe twice before she catches on, so this can quickly become the story of a boy who cried wolf...
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Parental Tip #475

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  • When I was growing up, I would get strep [sic] throat all the time (litterally two or three times a year, every year, until I was eleven). For a while, amoxicilin (the pink liquid variety which I guess they now market as pepto-bismal) was what was always prescribed for me.

    Well, apparently, my parents started to notice something wrong after I started taking amoxicilin. I was turning grey. Yes, the wonders of an allergic reaction in a pasty white kid to the medicine. So needless to say, after they noticed the trend, I was never givin amoxicilin again.

    So basically, my point is simply this: penecilin stimulates the gastrointestinal tract, which sucks, but at least your kid seems to be reacting well to the medicine. Hope he gets better soon. If he turns grey, I can get you in touch with my parents for advice :)

    • Actually, serious penicillin reactions run in my family. My father asphixiates when given penicillin, so, hopefully, joey doesn't have the same effect (they say it usually won't happen the first time if he does have it).
    • Pepto Bismol is something entirely different. I don't think there are any OTC antibiotics in the US. Well, you can get some at the feed and grain store:)

      • I realize that. I thought the humor was apparent =]

        On the other hand, my doctor has given me prescriptions for Biaxin to fill "whenever necessary". This is because I used to get really bad sinus infections every once in a while, and my doctor was well aware that I knew how to tell if I had a sinus infection or not, so this way I would be able to bypass going to a doctor and get medicine immediately. So it's not over the counter medicine, maybe it's under the counter medicine? Heh.

  • I guess another thing you could try is to always change the kid but not well (so the nappy keeps falling off, etc) so then your significant other finally throws up his/her hands and says "Fine! I'll do it myself!" Feigning ignorance at this simplest tasks has worked for men for years!
  • If you can get him to eat yogurt, this will help -- antibiotics trash the lactobacilli in your intestines (these are the friendly guys that do all the dirty work) Yogurt's full of 'em, so it will lessen the serious bacterial imbalance.

    They make it in pill and chewable form too (found in the fridge section of most health food stores) but I don't think that's going to be useful for a kid...

  • until your wife reads your slashdot journal?
  • I thought this journal was going to be about this post's update from today [] on the first staph bacteria found to resist antibiotics.
    I need a break, I want everything to be related nowadays ;)

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