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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Week 10 2

Well, I won the office poll last week with my 12-2 picks. Looks like I may be on a roll.
-BUT- I'm afraid joey has a virus and an ear infection, so I haven't had much sleep, so that may affect my picks here (in order of confidence, as usual):

Lions vs Packers Harrington vs Favre. Hell, ANYONE vs Favre?? Greenbay by 14

Colts vs Eagles Will the Eagles play a good team while they are in their slump?!? Philly by 7

Seahawks vs Cards The Seahawks D is in REALLY bad shape. Mr. Holmgren? Maybe you should be scouting out soon to be opening coaching positions (maybe Minnesota?). Arizona by 7

Texans vs Titans Texans have a couple trick plays that have won them a few games. I don't think Tennessee will let the game get that close. Tennessee by 7

Raiders vs Broncos Very important game. This is a last hurrah for the old folks. The bad news? Its at Mile High. You know how old people need more oxygen, right? Denver by 6

Chiefs vs 49ers The Chiefs have a chance to get out of their slump, unfortunately, they play sanfran this week. San Fransico by 6

Falcons vs Steelers Michael Vick is an incredible QB (and upgrade of what Kordell shoulda been). But he was contained by a newbie 3-4 Defense. TJ Duckett is coming into his own (a downgraded Bettis), and Warrick Dunn is taking a couple snaps (an Amos Zeroue). The pittsburgh defense practices against this type of team every day, and its a stellar D. The Atlanta D gives up a ton of running yards, and Maddox makes intelligent quick decisions and can avoid the blitzes. Steelers by 5

Dolphins vs Jets Pennington has REALLY been surprising, but has to face a very tough fin secondary. The key to this game is the Jets D. They won't be able to stop the Miami running attack. Miami by 4

Pats vs Bears Chicago really showed something last week. Even with a good D, their O needs a good QB (sorry, Miller ain't cutting it. I'd be drooling over the idea of Marc Bulger if I was a Chicago fan). Patriots by 3

Saints vs Panthers Rodney Peete is back, which makes the Panthers so much better. But this -is- Nawl'ins. New Orleans by 3

Bengals vs Ravens The battle of 'who cares'. The Bengals already have their win (although the Ravens D is pretty torn up). Baltimore by 3

Skins vs Jags As long as Washington can stop the run, they got the game Washington by 2

Chargers vs Rams This is a really hard pick. We have a team that has been upset harshly, vs a team that is really on the rise. I easily pick Bulger over Brees, and Faulk over Tomlinson, but I pick the bolts d well over the Rams'. The Rams D is focused on the pass, the Bolts on the run. And both teams will be running the ball. I'll give it to St. Louie, but not by much. St Louis by 2

Giants vs Vikings The Giants aren't very good, and the Vikings (surprisingly) play well at home. Minnesota by 1
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Week 10

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  • but Chicago sadly is still not there yet. Miller is better than Chandler, which surprised me. The offense could use a better running attack, it seems the O-line isn't getting a good enough push to open running lanes for the A-train. Ted Washington will be back in a month on the D-line, and that will make this teams' D which is already impressive (for the most part) a tremendous rush killer. As we all know, stop the run, force the team to pass...expect the pass, pick it off, set up the offense. It seems so simple doesn't it?

    Well, there's always next year....

    and yes, I was impressed with the Bears' performance last week. I expected a blow out, didn't happen.
  • I hate to say it, but I think the season is over. With the games we got left I can't see winning more than 4 of them, that won't get them into the playoffs.
    Even if they did make it to the playoffs the D is so weak right now it would be hard to advance.
    So much for a year that started out so strong.

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