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The 2000 Beanies

Journal FortKnox's Journal: ...And then there was a tooth! 5

SLEEP! I got a full nights sleep! Yesterday, my son finally revealed what had pained him so. His tooth cut through. He went from being utterly miserable to estatic (he, literally, was squealing with delight all day). Man, it was a good day. He was laughing at everything, and slept like a log. It was great.

The cut tooth wasn't what I was expecting. Its VERY difficult to see, and you really gotta look for it, but you can definately feel it (and gmhowell was right about it being sharp!). I guess I was expecting to see a bright white tooth poking through, but I guess I need to wait a few days to see that. Looks like the one next to it will poke through, soon, too. :-D
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...And then there was a tooth!

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  • i hope the next tooth goes easier for you, i mean for all of you.
  • Congrats on the "sleep(28800);" It just occurred to me where the 'cut my teath on' phrase came from.
  • All ran fevers and grabbed at thier ears when teething. quite fun.
    Congrats on another milestone.
  • The first cut tooth is just as bad as the first lost tooth. After that it's all gravy. Hard food and quarters under pillows. Or is everybody acclimated by then so it's no big deal? Hmmm....
  • My kid is working on his canines now. His favorite game is "bite mommy's finger and watch her yelp". Much like daddy, he will do anything to get a reaction out of people.

    You should see (if you don't already) just the barest white sliver where the tooth is.

    They come in unevenly also. Joseph got his front 7 teeth in just a couple of weeks. It took like three more months for the number 8 tooth to come in.

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