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Journal FortKnox's Journal: [NFL] A few words about the Indy/Ravens game 3


Fuck you Ray Lewis, fuck you Ed Reed, fuck you Terrel Suggs, and last, but certainly not least, FUCK YOU BRIAN BILLICK! I loved that disappointed and sad look instead of that smug one, you arrogant son of a bitch. I hope you get fired.

I kinda felt sorry for McNair, but, hey, he's the one that joined that piece of shit team.

For the record, I root for 2 teams, the Steelers, and whoever plays the Ravens.

Indy's D looks freakin solid all of a sudden, but they've played a weak offense and a mediocre one... lets see how they handle the high powered offense. I think Peyton may get over Belichick if the Patriots upset the Chargers, but my vote is still on the Bolts....
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[NFL] A few words about the Indy/Ravens game

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  • ...and no touchdowns. I wonder when that happened last in a playoff game.

    I was really struck by how effective Indy was running the ball, when their passing attack really was not much at all. Of course, I'm sure that Manning will take an under-40 passer rating, if it gets him to the Super Bowl. I agree that that they might take the Pats, but I think that the Chargers would beat them.

    Good game in New Orleans, too. The Saints defense really stood up there at the end. I'm surprised that the Eagles did not
    • Baltimore played a cover 4 zone. Peyton couldn't throw anything longer than a 5 yard pass.... but that left a lot underneath for running.
  • Who knew that Indy could play slow, methodical, ball-control, stop-the-run football? For the Ravens they needed to - and they did. Well done!

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