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Journal FortKnox's Journal: The Most Productive Day Ever! 5

Well, I'd comment on everyone's recent journals, but /. is so ungawdly slow, that its unbearable to comment. I figured I'd wrap everything up in one big'ol JE.
My weekend was going to the parents this weekend. It was good to make pasta from scratch with my grandmother overlooking me and telling me what's good/bad. The bad part, though, was Joey got another cold and was really congested. He hardly slept friday and saturday night. The way home was the worst. Ask any parents about long trips. They are either great (the baby sleeps the whole way), or terrible (the baby is miserable and screaming the entire way). It was good on the way up, bad on the way down. But, the good part of the bad trip? He slept like a log last night, and (his sinuses) sounded good this morning.

How about football, eh? I only made 2 bad picks (if the packers win tonight, I'll be 12-2), and won the office poll regardless of the packers/fins game :-D. I got to watch the steelers game (hey, cleveland fans, you are lucky to have points on the board the way the offense ran). I left in the middle of the Pitt/VT game (VT was still winning when I left) to see the movie "iSpy" (which was good, but predictable), only to return to see Pitt won. Wish I woulda watched the entire game. Can't wait to see Pitt play Miami. Honestly, Pitt or VT will beat Miami, and OSU doesn't deserve to be in the top 10, so I'm hoping they'll lose, soon. BTW - sorry your hokies lost, but I did tell you that the skins would win, right ;-)
BTW - TL, hope you feel better and the tests come back with good news.

Anyone (besides TL) have an interesting weekend?
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The Most Productive Day Ever!

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  • Slashdot running slow, you can say that again. It was taking upwards of 5 minutes to load a page. One time, I clicked the link, got up, went to the bathroom, got a mountian dew, came back to my office, and closed my browser cause it still hadn't loaded. It seems to be working now however.
    • Hiccups like this always happen after server moves. Things should settle and be back to the normal amount of suckage, shortly.

      Thank you. ;-)

  • Slashdot was indeed very slow yesterday evening (well, my timezone of course), but that seems to be okay now. Dunno why it was that slow, but it felt as if they were on ADSL ;-)
    Anyways, my weekend was boring... as always. Not much going on lately, well that wouldn't be true, but this weekend definately was not exciting.
  • Yeesh. The Skins D has been doing rather well, of late. Now if only the offense can put together more of a solid showing the ball could start rolling again. I have to wonder, no offense to Patrick Ramsey, if having a Rookie QB is part of the problem. Don't get me wrong, Ramsey will be a damned good QB, soon. He just needs a bit more seasoning. And I was told that the 40 points put up by the Saints was more of an Offense/Special Teams problem than a defensive problem, and this week, they only allowed 3 put up on the board, which kicks major butt!

    Now if only Tech's defense could have done so well, although I hear that those too were special teams miscue's. Tech had that game all but in their pocket, but then fell apart in the second quarter. Hell, I had things to do that evening, so as soon as Tech went up 21-7, I left to do other things before having to deal with the hell of Football traffic in a small town.

    2 hours later, I find out that Pit engineers a 21 point comeback in less than two quarters to most likely end our chances of a championship season, this year.

    I'm still putting money on Tech beating Miami. I just hope they are still #1 by the time we get to trouncing their asses.

  • by subgeek ( 263292 )
    OSU doesn't deserve to be in the top 10, so I'm hoping they'll lose, soon

    you should be so glad that you don't live in columbus, where osu football zealotry is as intense as mac/linux/bsd/be whatever zealotry on /.

    i am so tired of osu football. but strangely i am not tired of mac/linux/bsd/be etc.

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