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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Fax and workout 16

I got 6 calls at my desk phone today from a fax machine.

I have caller id.
So I got out a piece of paper and a marker. I sent them a fax back. I stopped getting faxes.
I'm actually kinda bummed. The note I wrote was polite this time. Was waiting to get faxed again, then I was going to be rude and crude. Too bad.

Did my workout today at 6am. My body doesn't like 6am. My IBS REALLY doesn't like 6am. I did it anyway.
Do I feel energized? Hell no, I'm completely wiped out and barely going along while my stomach is wavering from 'coping' to 'going to puke' all day.
I'm not giving up. Just hoping to get over this 'hump' by wednesday. For the record, its only my second workout. Same as the first, strictly cardio (will work on strength tonight when I can get a PT):
Treadmill, 45 minutes, 3.6mph (brisk walk), on range of hills. Basically it runs in ~3 minute segments. Flat, 1.0 incline, flat 2.0 incline, etc up to 6.0 incline, then a flat, small 2.0, then back flat, then cool down.
I ran track back in high school, so I've always had large thighs and calves. My legs aren't the least bit weak. But damn does my ass still hurt!
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Fax and workout

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  • by turg ( 19864 ) *
    When we lived in NYC, for a while we would get fax calls for about half an hour in the afternoon every day. Like somebody's fax machine was just set to try again every three minutes for ten attempts or something like that.

    Finally, I set the fax modem to answer and accept the fax, so I could get the sender's contact info. It was being sent from a public school and it was a student's discipline record. I called the school and told them what happened (they had switched two digits in the intended number). The w
    • Should have kept an eye on the papers- a google search on that student's name now might reveal an interesting life of crime.
    • by Mantorp ( 142371 ) *
      I had this happen to me every morning at 6.30 for a few days, and from a hidden number. I hooked up my fax modem and it was some credit card purchases from a store. I called the store and told them to change it which of course they didn't do. Then I called again threatening to start contacting the people on the fax, and they kindly fixed it.
  • 1) Have sex reassignment surgery.
    2) Join coed recreation soccer league.
    3) Watch as the absolute minimum number of females show up.
    4) Have fun for next hour of constant action because if you aren't on the field the game can't go on.
    • by TopShelf ( 92521 )
      On a similar note, my hockey league is often like this. One, maybe two on the bench for an entire game, rather than the optimal (for me) five. Two lines of forwards, two pairs of D...
    • Have fun for next hour of constant action because if you aren't on the field the game can't go on.

      Honey, that is the story of my LIFE!! (Except ONE hour is cutting it a bit short. They usually like 2 or 3, at a minimum. And of course, I aim to please...)

      Give yourself more time to get into the groove, FK. Baby steps. 45 minutes is a lot, and walking on a grade will kick your ass. And if you manage not to get shin splints, then you're a hell of a lot luckier than I am!!

      I recommend mixing up the cardio
      • I'm definitely in it for the long haul, as I have already purchased 3 years. That was to force me not to quit. I do have a 'sprint' expectation, though. I expect within a week to be able to do my cardio and have energy for the day instead of being wiped out. I'm hoping this is just a 'ramp up' to get me into 'workout shape', then things will be better in the afternoon.
        Sure, my legs will be like jelly, and I've gotten my sweat on when and after I'm done, but I'm hoping that things will be much better th
      • by Talinom ( 243100 ) *
        I'll stop now before I get tempted to break out the pompons.

        Give into temptation.

        And take pictures.
  • I got 6 calls at my desk phone today from a fax machine.

    I didn't have caller id, but as I worked at company where everything had their own extention I just transferred the fax to the machine and let it print out.

    All of the other Solaris systems administrators stared at me in awe that such a thing could be done.

    • As a Solaris Administrator, I resemble that remark. I don't even answer my phone, and if I have to be in a conf call, I go to someone else's office who knows how to use a phone. I do all my work through email and AIM. If someone calls, I let it go to voicemail as they're usually sales people. If it were a real emergency, they'd aim me.
  • About my stomach stuff, too. If I sleep in, like on weekends, I can have a huge breakfast and I'm fine for the day. For the couple of days. When the week starts, things get all hinkey.

    Then back to the weekend, things get fine again. When I worked at Apple and the day started at 10am, I did very well.

    • I've got medicine to prevent 'intestine spasms', that I thought about taking before I left... but I think its a muscle relaxer, so that could make my gut get all funky.

      Same thing happened this morning. Will try to go to bed earlier to prevent it from happening tomorrow...
  • I’ve always envied people who could work out early in the morning before work. I’m doing great just to drag my ass out of bed in time to be at work ten minutes late. I did thirty minutes of hard cardio last night and then a short weight session; it was all I could do to peel myself off the couch to get in the shower afterwards. I can’t imagine following a heavy workout with a day at the office unless I start drinking Mountain Dew non-stop again.

    So more power to ya, man.

    • Remember... I don't drink caffeine. I'm the same way, though. In work at 9:30 on most days. I wanted to put an end to it, so I (with extreme difficulty) drag my ass out of bed and force myself into a cardio workout. I'm in a daze with gummy legs trying to get home, and with my stomach, I usually have to sit around for like 30 minutes before my body is ready for a shower. Its actually pretty pathetic.

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