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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Update: Fedex Truck Explodes in St.Louis?!? Not a bomb. 3

Just got a call from the wife.
It appears a fed-ex truck (semi) just exploded. They are trying to determine if the bomb was meant to explode, or wait until onboard a plane to explode.

Hard to find details, because it just happened, but Fox News seems to at least have a header on it... Man, these terrorists must not like Iraq....

Anyone near St. Louis can verify this??

Update: Looks like its not a result of a bomb. Watch me get caught up in media hype! *grumble*
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Update: Fedex Truck Explodes in St.Louis?!? Not a bomb.

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  • Yeah. It's been all over the news for the last half hour.

    It appears the Fedex truck hit a lightpost (unconfirmed) and then something within the truck exploded (pretty much confirmed). The driver was able to get out unscathed (confirmed).

    That's pretty much the synopsis of the talking heads on TV. The explosion could possibly have been caused by something other than a package in the truck, but they doubt it.

    Also, there are tons of emergency vehicles around the wreck, and firemen are quite close to the vehicle, so apparently they assume there is no danger of a secondary explosion.

  • That's what I get for not turning on the tube for my daily CNN binge. I didn't see anything at FoxNews or CNN. Maybe my phlegm encrusted brain missed something.

  • There was an explosion, but no bomb caused this explosion. They are confident of this to the extent that there was no bomb squad sent in. Something about that the explosion wasn't big enough to be a bomb.

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