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Podcasters: Anyone listen to 1st and 15?

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  • I don't listen to most of ESPN Radio's fare:-( Good luck to ya though!
    • I can't listen to ESPN Radio's fare. I get too angry and want to start breaking things. Mike and Mike are the worst - the shilling they did for the Yankers during the playoffs just wore me out.

      Here in DFW, though, on ESPN Radio we also get local mental midgets like Randy Galloway. Drew Hanson's not bad, but Galloway is an idiot, especially when he tries to talk Baseball, a sport he clearly does not even have a fundamental grasp of. Galloway bitches about the Rangers putting in new luxury boxes that "chan
      • His opinion of a comparison of Kordell Stewart and Michael Vick...
        • Wow. That is an awesome question. Let us know the answer if nothing else (though its good enough he'll probably try and dodge it).

          Hey RG- give Rome a chance for 2 weeks. He's better than he first appears.

          • Jeremy Green won't dodge it at all... he'll either say it'll have some truth, or its all because of the WRs. He doesn't tend to dance, which is why I enjoy listening to him.

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