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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Weekend Wrapup 4

Hey, how bout them Steelers?

Sure, my picks weren't the best, but I did tell you that Pittsburgh will blow away Baltimore and I was right. I woulda won the office poll, but, once again, I picked Chicago too high (Em...) ;-)

Anyway, it was an eventful weekend. Joey got his first illness (a cold Friday evening). The poor guy couldn't hardly breath, and was up each hour, on the hour, crying. Eventually, I got tired of getting up to get him, so he slept with us (with the 'nose ball' and tissues nearby to unclog him when needed). He was cheery Saturday, which was surprising due to his lack of sleep, but he slept through the night with only a few wakeups. His (very minor) fever was gone by lastnight, and he slept through the evening, only waking up once. Sounds like his nose is clear.

I taught him a new thing this weekend. When I put my finger up to his mouth (yes, I wash my hands beforehand), he'll start making noise so I can ... wow, this is impossible to explain without doing it and you guys hearing it, but its when you put your finger horizontally up to your mouth and flutter it up and down on your lips and make a noise. Anyway, he likes it, and will do it anytime someone puts their finger near his face.

Well, I guess you can see my weekend was pretty uneventful, so has anyone else done something exciting over the weekend??
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Weekend Wrapup

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  • we always just called it a snot sucker. go figure. I have a cold right now too, but that's from band (practicing outside in the 40's while it's raining can't do you much good). glad the little dude is feeling better though. how's the dad doing ;)
  • Lennon [lennononline.com] show in Bowling Green [liveandlocal.org] Thursday night, it rocked. Imagine a Jagged Little Pill era Alanis Morissette, with Sevendust as the band. They closed the show with a track called Property of Goatf#cker. Friday was a vacation day, slept in, did laundry, went to Lexington [lfucg.org] for a weekend of R&R. Had a couple of beers, went and saw the nations #1 movie Jackass: The Movie. If you liked Faces of Death you are going to love this. The absolute best part was, Henry Rollins driving a Hummer in the desert, while Steve-O is trying to get a smiley face tattooed on his arm, they butchered his ass, I can't wait for the DVD. Drank more beer, played Madden till 4. Got up at nine, started tailgating for UK vs UGA (3:30 Kickoff). UK lost, we were all drunk and the night was young, time to go listen to some redneck music. Pass out at 2, wake up at 1 and drive home, it was a great weekend
  • Joseph also got his first cold. Maybe second. It's hard to tell. They only last about 36 hours. Meanwhile, he's passed it on to me, and I'll be dropping Nyquil till the end of the week.

    My big accomplishment: I'm [] this close to finishing Warcraft III. Think I have one battle left at the end of the elf campaign. I've screwed it up twice so far. Unfortunately, I didn't start it until getting sick, so my thinking isn't straight.

  • by Cliff ( 4114 )
    My Redskins won, thanks, I suspect, to you. It seems every time you've picked them to win they manage to pull it out.

    Dammit, I'm shocked! They should be better than this, but they aren't. They are playing like they played under Norv Turner. The Skins were putting consistent wins under Norv after the horror that was last season's first 6 games, and now that Super Spurrier is here, they have one only 3 games in the first 8 weeks.

    I should be grateful, however. At least they aren't 0-6 this year.


    At least Vick looks like he's recovered from his shoulder injury. Go, Mike! Go Hokies!


This is clearly another case of too many mad scientists, and not enough hunchbacks.