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Journal FortKnox's Journal: No Wii for me.... 12

While I'm working from home today, the heater guy comes in to clean the heater. I have them come in every spring and every fall to clean the heater/ac/water heater...

It should be noted that I just replaced my roof a few weeks ago and replaced my water heater last week...
So I find out there is a crack in the heat exchanger. That brings carbon monoxide into the house and spreads it around. My daughter puked last night, and I can't help but think this could be a reason (or at least a factor).
So I have to replace my furnace. So much for having a Wii anytime in the next year.... My bonus next year should handle the roof, but it'll take another year bonus to handle the furnace. When it rains it pours, eh?
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No Wii for me....

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  • wii/death?
    yeah - good call.
    just keep enjoying your gamecube and know that when you can swing a wii it may be cheaper and you'll still get to play any games you get for the cube between now and then. that's not a bad deal. i'm in the same boat- as my gamecube was a gift and i just can't justify the cost of a wii, controlers and new games.
  • You'll have to do like me and make nice with a neighbor. :-)
    • My roofer smelled gas. Called the gas company and there was a leak in the neighbors pipe. They did a quick fix last week. Today they are tearing up her front yard to replace the whole line.
      I don't think she's going to be all that happy with me....
      • by rk ( 6314 ) *

        If she ever shows anger towards you for it, gently remind her how she'd felt if her house exploded and burnt down and nobody said anything about smelling gas...

  • by rk ( 6314 ) *

    this item [] on your Amazon wishlist and I will cheerfully buy it for you today. CO is not to be screwed around with, and it accumulates in your system and only slowly gets processed back out of the bloodstream.

    • I have one. It got stuck into test mode a few months ago and need to get a new one. Thanks for the offer, but I'd hate for someone to spend $40 on something I was already planning on getting....
      • Just as a precaution don't buy Robot Chicken, Vol. 1 or Straight Outta Lynwood. You can thank the Florida State Scratch-Off Ticket Lottery if Amazon doesn't screw this order up by sending it DHL.
  • Since I don't have a house, and hence no home owner's insurance, I have to ask: does insurance cover stuff like that?
    • not in this particular instance (nor in any other I can think of). My furnace is over 20 years old, well outside the lifespan of said furnace. It was still working well because we had it taken care of once a year in the fall (and the AC in the spring as I mentioned before). Now, there is home warrenty coverage some houses get when you buy them. Its expensive, but I think it WOULD cover the furnace... maybe even the roof if you get an extra writer on it.

      I'm happy to answer these kinds of questions, tho

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