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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Sick of Sniper News? 15

Well, this one isn't so bad. Its actually quite touching.
The trucker that called police when he noticed the sniper car at the rest stop is from around the Cincinnati area (so he's been on ALL the news, here). He's a very humble man, claiming he isn't a hero, just noticed the car, and did what anyone else would do. But the thing that is touching is that the news anchor asked what he would do if he was to recieve the reward (I'm not sure what it is, but I assume it is a large sum of money).
I'd share it with all the victims families

What a noble gesture. Honestly. Ever heard of anything like this before?

On an offtopic side-note. Joey slept through the entire night last night (but I didn't get much extra sleep, cause the wife kept nudging me asking me to check on him). ;-)
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Sick of Sniper News?

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  • That's funny. I was actually thinking that same thing the other night if I were in his position-- that is, about sharing the reward with the families. However, saying it is one thing, doing it is quite another :) But it would be cool to see him do that. Even so, no amount of money will bring the victims back, and they are probably already getting some good insurance money (at least some of them). I think another good gesture would be to erect some sort of monument or something. Not only that, but also put it toward supporting politicians that are not going to try and restrict our freedoms for the right to bear arms-- which I'm sure will be an issue that we will be hearing about soon. I bet a year from now it will be really hard to buy a rifle.
    • In the washington post on the same day that one of the shootings happened, they had a review of michael moore's new movie "Bowling for Columbine" and the reviewer's tone pretty much conveyed that this whole analysis of the violence of americans is blown way out of proportion and that Moore was out of touch.

      I've never seen a better example of real-world dramatic irony in my life. I was happy to be alive to witness it.
    • If I were him I don't know what I would do... Half a million are tempting :) Yet I'm not sure that you can buy the kind of reward (happiness/consideration) that you get if you distribute the moeny to the families.

      He's in a position where he hasn't been injured himself directly or indirectly, so with absolutely nothing to refrain him from running with the money that makes the gesture even more nobel.

      Things would be a bit different if he had been a parent of some victim, but he isn't.

  • ...the sniper's car was regidtered in nj, to an address in camden. they're still looking for the co-registrant (the one guy caught thus far was the other).

    But yes, I am somewhat sick of hearing about it. All the news shows are now beating around the bush, CNN is giving us updates every five minutes to say "nothing new has happened." The major topic of discussion with "crime experts" right now is about motive, but it's all speculation, thus causing unnecessary panic.

  • Hmm... we are praying that Chloe will get a full nights sleep. She slept from 9:00pm ->2am, ate ->4am (ate) ->8am (good morning)

    Hard to imagine actually getting a full nights sleep.
    • How old is she?

      Joey was pretty good about sleep all night ever since the day after he was born. When he started waking up the first time, it was because he was getting hungry at night. That's when we started giving him cereal (and worked up to some babyfood). He's still too young to get much nutrician from it, but it did fill him up better, and let him sleep through the night. The teething thing, though, is pretty painful. I'm not really sure why he slept through the night. We didn't give him any medication or anything...
      • Yeah, Chloe is 2 months old (almot 2 1/2). We have been debating to buy some rice-cerial for her, so she can try to sleep better. Last night was a pretty bad night, but it seems like she is getting a bit better.

        We have given her some drops for gas, once in a while before she goes to bed, as she seems to get pretty bloated... not sure if it's something my wife is eating, or what.. b ut some evenings she is pretty fussy.

        This your first child? It is for us.


        • Yup... our first. Two months isn't so bad. She smile yet? Smiling comes, then laughing... it makes waking up almost bearable ;-)
          • heh, yeah

            We get a giggle once in a while. She does smile a lot though, though we really have to make fools of ourselves to get that at times. She is starting to make little gurgling welp-yelp-sounds, like she is trying to make noises.. very cute.

  • Yesterday I posted my experiences on calming down babies [], but you may have missed it because I can tell you are an active poster (2000+ comments.) I just wanted to let you know that the post is there, as there is no substitute for helping the crying to stop.
    • I did notice it, but the whole "bundled up" theory doesn't work for Joey much anymore. He loved it when he was born, but now that he's mobile, it makes him worse. My wife has worked in infant daycare for about 5 years, so she has techniques that work wonders. She can get him from crying to sleep in under a minute under normal circumstances (not being sarcastic. I've actually timed it on average under 60 seconds). But the teething has just made it more difficult. I appreciate the ideas, though. We'll try some of the ones like sitting/being in a corner.
  • I'd share it with all the victims families

    What a noble gesture. Honestly. Ever heard of anything like this before?

    In this day and age, no. It's all about hiding behind lawyers, politics, and responsibility. Now when common decency is found, it is labeled 'heroism' because, well, look what we have to compare it to! Bigotry, selfishness, etc.

    Or maybe I'm having a bad day.

  • It's sad... but I'm in total disbelief that someone actually is so noble. Unless I know him personally.. I can't easily buy into humbleness.

    It's touching, probably.. but all in all the human race is mostly made up of .. self-centred, shallow people.

    What happened to all the "brotherly love" in NYC shortly after 9/11? One week of extreme suffering for most brought together an entire city, perhaps the entire nation. Now go further back, what about prejiduce. Didn't we go through years of suffering to get past that?

    Sorry, just beeing a little bitter.
  • I was reading an article [] yesterday that said that David Kaczynski, the Unabomber's brother, turned his brother in, and got the reward money, paid the taxes on it, and distributed it to the victims of his brother's bombings.

    It takes a honorable person to do that, I guess. Both turn his own brother in and give the money to the victims. Of course, I couldn't imagine having no conscience and keeping the money. That just seems like it's profiting off of someone else's loss.

  • I hope the news turn to something more lowkey now. There is a lot of stuff on my mind and focusing on my classes has been hard, so the sniper thing is good news. Hopefully we've seen the last of that strand of events.

    By the way, I installed Mandrake. The process of booting my stupid win2k partition and winxp has been on my mind, because I disregarded their warning (version 7.2 was too old) and now my machine boots to windowze when it feels like it ;)

    "Penguin on the bus," anyone?

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