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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Another thank you! 13

Another thank you to an anonymous person that bought me a game off my wish list. I'm guessing it was a birthday gift, and I intend on installing it and playing it... But I don't know how soon... You see, my wife opened it, then told me it was something she thinks she'd enjoy, so I'll have to pry it off her hands, first ;)

Anyway, a big thanks... can't wait to rip into it :D
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Another thank you!

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  • i didn't know you could do that anonymously from amazon!

    oh, btw, it was me!!! ;)
    • You can check to see if someone has one of those wish list things by entering their email address (some people show their email here on Slashdot) in a specific part of the Amazon site (I don't remember where it is exactly), or people can provide a direct link to the list somewhere. And FortKnox has a "buy me stuff" link in the gray biographical area.

      All I know is (at least as far as I know), I didn't do it.
      • I'm thinking of changing it... "Buy me stuff" seems too demanding, even though its just a joke...
  • But the real question is what game was it?

    • Sid Meiers Pirates!
      Looking forward to it, since I've never played a bad sid meier game :D
      • Oooo. I looked at a different game that I think is a MMORPG, but I resist the urge to play any of that type of game (too easy to get addicted). Their site [] sure does make me want to play the demo...

      • by mackil ( 668039 )
        That is a fun one, though limited in the replay value category. Still, loads of fun the first couple times through.
      • I loved playing the original [].... (Okay, it's not really *the* original, but the closest you'll find) If only I had time to game, it would be one of the games I'd like to play.

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