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Journal FortKnox's Journal: [NFL] I'm about to give up, here.... 10

If Ben can't give the defense a chance to catch their breath, every game will end up like last nights.... start off the defense dominates, giving the offense an opportunity to get in a rhythm, but when Ben starts screwing around, throwing up lame ducks like he has, and the offensive line (the hyper-powered o-line of last year) is getting tossed around, well the defense gets tired.
Props to Phillip Rivers, though... that kid had a great game.

So... maybe I'll end up as a Bears fan. Anymore room on that bandwagon, Em? Heh, and I'm seeing St.Louis as a quiet little sleeper on the NFC side of things, too...
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[NFL] I'm about to give up, here....

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  • 0-5. Hooray for the Lions.

    /Thank God for the TIGERS
    • Thank God for the TIGERS
      You mean "Bless You Boys []". :D
    • by TopShelf ( 92521 )
      Yesterday I was watching Titans/Colts (lived in Indy for 8 years, so the Colts are my #2 team), and saw the ticker read Lions 17, Vikings 3, and thought that it was a typical "Lions upset good team on way to lousy season." In the wake of a 26-17 collapse, however, one is left wondering? Could they run the table? Especially if a few key injuries pop up, we could be looking at a special team.

      Perhaps they need a new motto: "Just when you thought it couldn't get worse..."
      • Add to that the fact that Joey Harrington looked GREAT in Miami, and has started a QB controversy with Daunte Culpepper...

        Er, I mean, I love Jon Kitna.
        • by chez69 ( 135760 )
          miami is really fucked. they suck now, and they'll be in cap hell before you know it.

          at least my fellow browns fans can take heart in that, that between the lions, miami, and oakland we aren't the crappiest team in the league.

          as far as pitt goes, what the hell happened to them?

  • dude, you're supposed to wait at least 3 years before bitching about how your team (who just won the SB) and jumping off the bandwagon.

    Man law? Man law.

    So... maybe I'll end up as a Bears fan.

    Deep down in places you don't like to talk about at parties, you're already a bears fan. ;)
    • Man LAW
      the only time you are able to switch teams is under times of extreme stress and the ONLY for a lesser team.

      Case in point. 1989 i'm 21 years old, engaged and we both have side by side season tickets at Dodger stadium.

      She blindsides me and dumps me 3 months before the wedding. She refuses to give up her seat to me. I cant stand to watch the Dodgers without her and i leave for Illinois (selling my seat to someone else of course)

      I then became a cubs fan by virtue of the fact that they were closest, they
  • Brees would check down to Gates. Rivers doesn't seem to realize that Antonio had big play ability. But at least he got him in the endzone (nice reach there at the end. Probably realized he wouldn't see the ball again the rest of the game). Gates, as a KSU alum, is the reason why the Chargers are the team I'm following as the Browns aim yet again for a high draft pick.

    Speaking of the Bees... why hasn't Maurice Carthon gotten fired yet? This guy has the biggest fucking hardon for FBs I have ever seen. T
    • A buddy of mine is a Brown's fan as well, (tOSU alum, etc) and basically he just can't watch anymore. He's in his late 40s, so he's been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

      He hates John Elway, wanted to kill fumble on the 1 yard line man, and is basically fed up with the Browns. Oh, don't get me wrong, he'll still root for them, and loves to watch them play, but he happily put on the Urlacher jersey I got him and enjoys watching the Bears dominate with me.

      Basically, he's through. Until they show they can
      • There are squads I hate just on contact: Balmer, Dallas. And I can't cheer for the other AFCN teams on principle tho I have no issues with them (and I enjoy what Chad Johnson brings to the game). Any other squad I can sit down and be game for. It mostly comes to style and the players on the teams that matter then.

        The Browns? My whole thing is if you aren't here when they suck, then you can't be here when they're good (if that ever happens). I'd be happier if they where just the victims of bad fate and

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