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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Lost Theory 10

For those that watch "Lost" I have a theory...
Fake Henry Gale (aka "Ben", now) has been put in place to be 'him'. I don't think he's 'him'... in fact, I'm starting to believe Rousseiau is 'him'. She 'captured' Ben... she gave 'Ben' to the losties...
I don't believe he 'purposely' got caught... I think he's 2nd in charge and when something bad happened (like the whole Ethan debacle), he was punished by infiltrating the losties by being captured.

There ya go... in 2 seasons when they get down and dirty with the whole hierarchy, we'll see if I'm right...

FYI - last nights episode didn't do it for me. The first 10 minutes were FANTASTIC, but the rest? Meh... too many questions, not enough answers.
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Lost Theory

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  • ...but very understandable. They've set up a good way to spend their time for the rest of the season. They can have the others yanking around the survivors in all sorts of silly ways.
  • by nizo ( 81281 ) *
    He's "Da man"; Roussou is just some whacky nut. Though one must wonder what he was doing when she captured him (wandering by himself??). It may just be it was part of his plan to be captured by them; for what purpose I don't know.

    A few interesting things from last night:

    - They consider Jack more important that the other two captives (at least he isn't in a stinky animal cage) I think Sawyer and Kate are being kept there to fuck with Jack's head and help "convert" him into an Other. Maybe they need Jack bec

    • The Others appear to have had no idea the plane was going to crash on the island; it was unexpected.

      Yet Ben knew exactly what to do and expected survivors...

      Another big thing... how'd they have a WHOLE FILE full of Jack's life? Was it a scam? If not, how do they have EVERYTHING?

      My thoughts? They all have telepathic abilities... would explain a lot (like how they expected survivors and stuff), and how they know Jack in and out...
      But, on the other hand, if they were psychic, why would they need to
      • Yet Ben knew exactly what to do and expected survivors...

        They're scientists stuck on a island that was originally designed to 'save the world' they're probably able to think on their feet quite easily, so sent out runners to see if any survivors would pose a threat to them.

        Another big thing... how'd they have a WHOLE FILE full of Jack's life? Was it a scam? If not, how do they have EVERYTHING?

        You saw their houses, you saw their clothes. Rather clean and nice? I'd assume they still have some sort of connect
        • by nizo ( 81281 ) *
          I think the blonde was lying when she asked Jack what he did for a living; I think she knew damn well what he did. The big thick folder could be gathered from various sources if you had the money (and obviously someone with money is keeping the scientists living large). My guess is they want to get inside Jack's head and get him to work for them, and you can only get so much information about someone from a thick folder; thus the blonde is recruited to do this. They wanted Jack to get out of his "cell"; he
  • When it's done and I'll pick up the DVDs.

    It looks like an interesting show, but I just don't have the patience to sit through x seasons before I find out what it was all about.
  • Thanks... Time to load up my P2P client.

    Season 2 just started here, dubbed in German. I've seen season 2 already anyways... I wouldn't mind watching it on TV, but they have to give it in sync with the US version and not dubbed. Subtitles are okay tough.

  • by rk ( 6314 ) *

    try [Lost] Theory as your subject.

    I thought it was going to be totally unrelated until I had already read the second sentence. I haven't seen any of the series yet, but it sits in my Netflix queue, waiting to be watched.

    Grrr.... :-)

  • Pretty good episode.

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