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For RailGunner: Weird Al

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  • Adult Swim asked the same question! []

    Thanks for the link - I'll have to check those out this weekend. Got softball tonight, and my wife is taping Game 2 of a series of great personal importance to me. ;)

    I'm very upset that MLB cancelled the game last night, informed the Yankees, and didn't bother to inform the Tigers, who, thinking there was going to be a 10PM EST start, had Justin Verlander warmup.

    I hope that pisses off the Tigers as much as it did me, and they blow out the Yankees today at 1 PM ES
    • I hope Verlander is motivated and starts blowing 101 mph fastballs past hitters.

      I don't follow sports, but I do dislike the Yankees. And I realize it wouldn't be good for your team. But I'd rather this fellow be motivated to start blowing 101 mph fastballs at the hitters.
      • I went to the May 30th Yankees / Tigers game in Detroit. The Tigers started Roman Colon (I wanted them to start Grilli) and Colon gave the Yankees a 6-0 lead. Ivan Rodriguez, in the birth of Nate Robertson's "Gum Time" hit a solo HR to start the Tigers comeback.

        Once the Tigers tied it, Scott Erickson threw at Pudge. The Tigers responded by having Fernando Rodney throw a 96 mph fastball at A-Rod.

        Then later in that same inning, they tagged A-Rod out at the plate trying to score on a wild pitch.

        • The Tigers responded by having Fernando Rodney throw a 96 mph fastball at A-Rod.

          And there was much rejoicing...

          • Speaking of rejoicing - I'm glad your A's won 2 in that dump known as the metrodome.

            /Hates the Twins almost as much as I hate the Yankees.
            /1987.. sigh...
            • I'd be happier if they had one an elimination game at some point during this century;-)

              I'll be flying back to Oregon tomorrow during the game, so I'll find out when I land whether or not my A's will be facing your Tigers.

    • Not that I care, but team X (that I have no involvement, nor connection to) is better than team Y (that i have no involvement, nor connection to).

      Ahhhh, having fun with you Hu-mons!
      • Tigers 4, Yankees 3. Series tied at 1.
        • by mekkab ( 133181 )
          Yay Team!
        • Kenny Rogers in a big spot...

          ... against Randy Johnson.

          I can see it now. Welcome back form commercial, America. Here in Detroit it is the middle of the third inning and the game is all tied up at fourteen...

          • What surprises me the most this morning is browsing the NY Media (and ESPN writers) whining about "A-Wol" not getting a hit against Verlander or Zumaya.

            Newsflash for those idiots: Verlander was 16-7 with an ERA below 4 for a reason... and let's face it - not many people are going to have a chance when Zoom paints the outside corner with a 101mph fastball with movement, let alone a 103 mph heater.

            But that's the attitude that I hate about ESPN - if the Yankers lose, it's because they choked, not because
  • I have something like 30 Weird Al songs on my phone ... its a lot better listening to him than to the boring morning crews on our local rock stations on the drive to work.

    I still remember my first encounter with Weird Al - the "Fat" video.

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