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Journal FortKnox's Journal: [NFL] Week 1, the most important lesson... 7

And now... the most important lesson of week 1...
If there's one thing you need to know about football is that making predictions after week 1, you'll do nothing but make a fool of yourself. Only 20% of what I said will probably end up true. Reanalysis:
  • Pittsburgh is still the champ! Still a convincing win.
  • The Dolphins aren't a Superbowl contender. New OC & DC takes time to get used to. Still played a good first half... fell apart to a stout defense.
  • The Ravens are for real. I want to see this defense against a veteran QB that can handle pressure, not some kid that has been pampered to his whole life. Lets see how they do against the Bengals and Steelers... And McNair is really brittle... I don't expect him to start the whole season.
  • The Pats have finally fallen. The Pats won the superbowl with a crappy secondary. Now their secondary is in decent shape and their WRs are crappy. Bill will find a way to get the most out of them. I expect them to step it up and still be a contender.
  • Philly's offense is SUPERPOWERFUL! Against the Texans defense. Enough said.
  • The Jets (Chad Pennington) look HOT. I can't really disagree... just want to see if Pennington can continue this way through week 6...
  • Detroit has a heck of a defense. The head coach is making that defense work and put in the extra, and it shows. We'll see how long it lasts...
  • Seattle gets the superbowl jinx? They had to play in the hornets nest that was Detroit. A few games against Arizona and the 49ers will help them reset and get their offense on track.
  • Arizona has a high powered offense! While I'm not entirely disagreeing, if they can pull a win off of Seattle, then I'll agree the team has finally turned around. James can't run behind that shoddy line, though...
  • The Colts are still good without James. I'll be expecting every defense against the Colts to play constant nickle and dime (even quarter) packages. Their running game stinks. And their run defense is just as bad (Tiki was having his way with them)
  • Oakland is a joke. I'll restate what I said: Aaron Brooks is a joke. Al... time to step down and get yourself a good GM. Maybe its time for the Walters experiment. Brooks isn't doing it. I hope Shell tries to work on the running game... that's how to get the most out of your O-Line...

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[NFL] Week 1, the most important lesson...

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  • I will take either's offense seriously once they play a team without each other's defenses. Their D's suck. That Kurt Warner stayed upright and small hands didn't rush some passes... that just speaks to how craplousy their two teams are. Let's see what happens by week four.
  • But I have to agree.

    Brooks was a poor decision.

    jocularity at it's best.

    it will be a long season.
  • Well, the season's just started, and thus the betting is starting to get into full swing. I've been going through and adding in college teams, as well as Arena Football teams. But seriously, just how many teams do Illinois, Texas and Florida need? Why can't they have just a couple like the other states?
  • I quote Bill Simmons [], as he says it better than I could...

    As for the Patriots, apparently their season is over because they don't have an elite receiver anymore ... even though they won the Super Bowl five years ago with Troy Brown and David Patten as the starters and Fred Coleman as the No. 3 guy. Gimme a break.
  • I'd hold off any HOT assessment for the Jets. The Titans are TERRIBLE this year.

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