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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Thanks....? 7

Someone bought something off of my amazon wish list. I got the real name (which I won't post here), and the message "Just Cause". If it was someone here, I'd like to thank you, personally. Its a food chopper I've been eyeing for a while, and will be using it on my basil for some pesto (I've waited soooo long to actually make some fresh pesto)! But, again, I'd really like to know who it is so I can thank them (and make sure it just wasn't someone mistakenly sending it to me instead of someone else).

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  • Although that's a good idea for when I finally get some money. :)
  • I went to Nava [] the other day and the special was Basil Pesto Halibut. The halibut was fresh and it had enough basil pesto to add depth without covering the flavor of the halibut. If you like fish, that's a good combination that I hadn't thought of before. You might give it a try.
    • by mekkab ( 133181 )
      Yeah, I've been doing that with fish this summer.

      You know what's also nice? half a tomato, topped with pesto, grilled. Mahvelous.

      Considering my basil plants went HAYWIRE this summer*, I've been putting pesto on everything in creation.

      /*this being the first summer I've ever seriously tried to grow basil, I had no idea what to expect. Also, my early girl tomatoes made a great showing
      • You pinchin your basil?
        Bugs got a good bit of my basil...
        But if you need any cherry tomatos... sweet lord... Got 5 stalks over 6 feet tall!
        Also have 'jelly bean' variety growing well...
        My Romas keep falling once they start turning red, though... pisses me off something fierce...
        • by mekkab ( 133181 )
          I think the basil got the better of me and parts have been flowering :(

          Cilantro bolted like crazy; at least I got to make some salsa with 'em.

          • One of my cherry tomato stalks actually broke one of the 1X2's I used as a stake... now I have to spend tonight restaking and retying the stalk up...

            Need to take pics of them... I'm quite proud ;)
            • by mekkab ( 133181 )
              We did the 7ft green metal posts (With the hooks on 'em) and nylon netting dragged across, plus velcro tape to keep the stalks in place. Sort of overkill...

              I'm almost as proud of the netting cage around the bed as I am of the plants!

              /and yes, I took pics

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