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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Random schtuff 12

St Louis humbled Oakland. That's the part of football I love. Muhahaha.

I looove this weather. Walking to work, and the cold air stings your face, and makes your knuckles dry. When you exercise, it takes your breath away. This is football weather. I live for this weather.

I'm starting to notice that everyday my son gets older, he's getting more and more attention and time from me. I'm a 'check my (home) email once a day' type person, but I haven't checked my email (at home) since friday. Bleh, the amount of spam must be in the 200s by now.

You hear what the sniper is thinking? Puts down a "God" terrot card, because he's paralleling his spree to 'god-mode' in video games...
W-T-F?!?!? That's the wildest piece of garbage I've ever heard. Yeah, if you have trouble differentiating imagination from reality, you may have trouble with video games causing violence, but this is really really a big-a*s stretch!
He's just as likely to be someone that got ticked off at Miss Cleo for giving out bad futures (apologies to PA, but I was thinking the same thing Saturday).
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Random schtuff

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  • I think that it's a terrorist act. It seems that the "I am God" thing, if it isn't just a prankster, is a carefully crafted ploy to throw the cops off the trail. Make it look like a whack-job, and they'll spend all their energy looking for a whack-job, and not a terrorist cell.

    But PA pretty much sums it up. Yet another chance to demonize youth culture, blindly ignoring that youth culture is itself rarely created by those that consume it.
    • I was listening to the radio [] this morning and Quinn posed an interesting hypothesis.

      This guy is seen driving away in a white van with writing on the side, and he doesn't do it on the weekend.

      He believes that the sniper is some kind of contract worker. He gets in his van, drives to the site, splices cables, fixes pluming, paints, whatever, then he shoots somebody and goes back to work. His attacks aren't random, they just occure in places where this guy has to make a house call.

      It seems like a rather plausible scenario.

      He also put forth the idea that he was a terrorist. THe announcement that OBL was going to make a video appearance could have been some kind of way of saying, "Go out and cause whatever kind of trouble you can." It also fits in with some of the other things that have been happening.

  • We're not sure which card he put down, because the media is putting own conflicting stories. Many say it was the "Death" card [], but the ignorance of the media muddies the facts. In Tarot, there are several "death" cards, but they don't all mean ending of life. The 10 of swords is usually ascribed to that meaning. Others mean a transition.

    Of course, the DC Sniper could be ignorant as well, or he could be a scary smart maniac.

  • I looove this weather. Walking to work, and the cold air stings your face, and makes your knuckles dry. When you exercise, it takes your breath away. This is football weather. I live for this weather.

    amen. this is band season!

    • You are, obviously, not a brass player. This is the season when your lips crack and chap, and putting a cold mouthpiece to your lips isn't the greatest feeling :-P
      • nah, i'm a percussionist in band.. when a mallet hits your hand and your hand is dry and cracking, THAT sucks. but it's worth it :) us band-o's know it!
  • Seriously, this guy can't be a gammer. I mean, just god mode, what about idkfa and idclip. If he were a real gammer that went off the deep end, he'd have the BFG, wouldn't need a van cause the code gave him the keys to the mustang in the parking lot, and would have waited around for the cops so he could shoot them too, after all, enemy fire won't effect you in godmode, so how would they arrest him.

    At the least, a true crazy gamer would have deployed some PH34RB0TS [].

  • very scary thing is that the Tasker middle School is a stone's throw (ok, so it's a half to 3/4 mile) from my g/f's house. It's near an entrance to Rt 55, a major highway between DC and Annapolis, which is probably why the guy staked out that site.

    I read something yesterday on making parallels to video games and movies []. Yes, it's a big stretch to make this kind of link to the motive.

    World Series - Looks like it's gonna be an all California thing this year. Anahiem is already in, Giants a game within.
  • Whatever. You found a tarot card outside of a school? Someone wrote "I am god" on it?

    Sounds like high school. Sounds like me and everyone I know in highschool.

    I'm unimpressed with the "evidence".

  • by Cliff ( 4114 )
    I'm deliberately not mentioning Football because the Redskins were pathetic in the second half against the Saints (quiet, FK!).

    I'm deliberately not mentioning the sniper, because every time I do I start to think about the family I've got in DC, who are all too close to the tender mercies of this idiot. Have scope. Will shoot you down in cold blood. Bleah.

    I'm deliberately not mentioning the fact that I'm pissed that the local cops baited and are continuing to bait the guy, yet they have nothing solid in the way of leeds.

    I'm deliberately not mentioning the white van, because it's foolish to even bring that into the picture.

    Whatever happened to just being worried about a good mugging. Sure. Your wallet would worry, but you wouldn't (necessarily) have to worry about your life unless you were willing to gamble with your life by trying to fight.

    Ah. Today is Monday. No wonder I'm so fucking depressed.

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